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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Set-Nissan-350z-Rays-18-alloy-wheels-5x114-3-front-and-rear-4no-4x/223238452365?hash=item33fa0c748d:g:USMAAOSwESRb8rT0 I have these for sale
  2. CH1EF

    350z Rear Arch Cuts

    I have a clean pair, I am in Bristol but can post. If you send me a picture with a line where you want them cut and I will send you pics showing condition and a price.
  3. I have a 350z one in great condition, send me your email and I will send you pictures. £8 posted
  4. I need both cats for a De engine car, does anyone have some?
  5. I have some used ones if needed
  6. What brakes are the discs for you (or reverse question, do they fit De Brembo brakes)?
  7. I have one in Bristol but can post if you still need one
  8. I have one that is good condition, but the bumper fixings are ripped, but still usable. £30 posted
  9. CH1EF

    Y pipe back exhaust

    I have a custom made Y and exhaust, In Bristol £150 total
  10. If you let me know a location, I will get a total price for you posted
  11. I have a used one in Bristol
  12. CH1EF

    fitting kit

    Ah, Ok, sorry i thought you ment a standard part. No I dont have these bits
  13. CH1EF

    fitting kit

    I think I do, can you send me a picture of the part you want?



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