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  1. Resurrecting an old thread here, is it possible to get hold of a cobra non-res mid pipe? I have a rattle in my resonated one that’s driving me mad!
  2. Great meeting you today mate! I’ll see if I’ve got any pics of yours
  3. Passed the MOT, let’s head to Silverstone!
  4. Sorry mate it’s already fitted
  5. Sorry mate it’s already fitted
  6. Wow! Had completely missed this. Booked in for tomorrow morning. Thanks guys!
  7. Another little update today, only small but makes a massive difference to the interior: The wife has also just bought me a JWT Pop charge so ill be putting that on tomorrow.
  8. Yeah I completely agree, thinking of plasti-dipping them Definitely!
  9. Thanks mate, taking it to Japfest on Sunday. Wish i had booked track time now!
  10. Hi Guys Ive owned and modified many different cars (mainly VAG) but have never really been inclined to do a build thread before. However i have fallen i love with the 350z so much i thought i might as well. So as i said my past car have all been German, mainly Seat's and VW's. I loved these cars but decided i wanted something different, something that was rear wheel drive and two seats. My initial inclination was an MX5, i had always loved the 350z but thought it was well out my budget. I saw this one on eBay and booked a cheeky test drive not thinking i would buy it.....what an awesome mistake that was! I loved the car so much that i immediately put the deposit down and picked it up the next day. The car is mainly for weekend use and track days as i literally live at the back of Brands Hatch I have kept my Mk5 GTI as its a superb daily and great for the occasionally track day: The 350 was completely standard when i bought it, and compared to what i have planned i haven't really done much yet as most the money has gone on petrol and weekends away to drive it. Here are some pictures from the day of collection: My first port of call was the standard oil change and general maintenance to keep it running nice and smooth. My idea with this car is to do as much as i possibly can myself mechanically, i have an ok mind mechanically and i love working on cars. I'm sure ill mess up on the way but i really want to learn and truly understand the car. My first few mods have been purely cosmetic as i wanted to make the car look more my own. So firstly i installed the bottom line skirts by Tarmac. What a difference they make, great instructions and easy to fit. I Then bought a front Lip again from tarmac, honestly those guys are great! After looking at the lip, and test fitting i decided ill get a professional to do it. So i booked the lip in and had the wheels refurbed in gloss black at the same time. As you can see i also asked them to do the centre grill in gloss black as well. I was so pleased with the result, makes such a difference to the look of the car. So this is how she currently sits after a very quick clean: So next is to drive it a bit more, have a few days at Brands Hatch and then see what i do and don't like on track. Although ill definitely be getting Coilovers when the funds allow. Thanks for reading!



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