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  1. Had mine keyed in my drive twice already shortly after buying it. Never had a problem when my megane RS was parked there.
  2. @ZMANALEX, Thanks much appreciated. Would the below tool be okay or any recommendations? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Laser-4257-Lambda-Socket-Wrench/dp/B00307POT2/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=o2+sensor+tool&qid=1564746352&s=gateway&sr=8-3
  3. Hi All, Anyone know which sensor fault code p0134 ho2s1 (b1) relates to? I'm assuming bank 1, drivers side and then is it the O2 sensor on the CAT or the one on the Manifold that seems like a bugger to get to? Also if it's the one on the manifold is it a massive job to do?
  4. @ZMANALEX Any chance you have any 350z jdm keys lying around?
  5. Seems CD400 is jdm and Cd700 is UK spec if anyone is looking.
  6. Unexpected expense so budget is under £500. Let me know if you have anything.
  7. This will not help with weight reduction but now I need start placing orders.
  8. Can anyone confirm if these dials are from a UK car? This will be the third one sent as all the others have been from a JDM, so just want to be sure.
  9. Currently only have one key for my JDM and it is the one without buttons so have to manually lock the car each time as the cobra system is also screwed. New keys, £114 per key delivered with no programming so looking at £300+ for two. I've been wondering about swapping out all the electronics, already replaced things like the pod, etc to get mpg and the clock working. If I bought something like the below, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NISSAN-350Z-ECU-KIT-COLLECTION-ONLY-2005/292955594979?hash=item443583a0e3:g:jFUAAOSwZ4RcESbY:rk:8:pf:0 Would that be all the electronics I needed and could I just do a straight swop, considering it's an auto would the UK ECU even support that, if I did a remap could they sort that then and there? Would things like the ODB ports require different wiring? If it was a direct swop it would be less then buying the keys alone, make it cheaper in future if I ever needed keys and I could actually get an OBD reader to work with the damn car (have tried several with no joy) If the above questions are idiotic say so and I'll just order the keys, selling the car is not an option and have to make what I have work
  10. You can get the keys from irs.co.jp, prices are in the pdf. You just need to get them programmed locally. I'm planning on getting an extra set shortly. Mine has the same fob, it's from a cobra system. Planning to just get it completely ripped out and replaced with a better system as no one has been able to fix it due to its age etc or so I'm told at least. Z33 blank keys.pdf
  11. Anyone know the circled bolt size for the top of the headlamp? it's on an '03 350Z DE
  12. Thanks will check it out, you may be right let me double check if they are. Added a picture, sorry best I have on my phone. Listed it on eBay so will see how it goes.
  13. Gr00vy

    Spare Keys

    Been trying to figure out how to get spare keys for my 350z import, so far have found the below two options and thought I would post it up. First option is Knight Racer in Milton Keynes can do it, charge £180 for the key, £80 for programming and about £20 to get it cut.. Second option is to order from a company over in Japan called IRS CORPORATION (info@irs.co.jp), they will charge £120 for the blank key shipped to the UK, added a image that they sent over that includes part numbers, cost, etc. Once I've got the aftermarket alarm removed and the car returned to stock I'm going to order some keys in. If you guys have any other options would love to hear them. Z33 Keys.pdf
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