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  1. Hi there, I've recently bought and fitted an Amuse "style" spoiler to my 370z. Its bolted and sticky padded down and I've ran sealant underneath right around the inner perimeter of the spoiler. I want to "fill" the gap at the front of the spoiler with a sealant of some sort to ensure a complete seal and have read that either Tigerseal or Sikaflex are both good adhesives, fillers and sealants. Has anyone any other ideas or what these are like to work with? Needs to be black as transparent sealants never are! Many thanks in anticipation. Rob
  2. Hey Luke. Is this still for sale? If so, I have a couple of q's, but would interested. Sent you a message.
  3. Definitely have a steering lock. Mine has just simply stopped locking so in effect the reverse and car is not stranded but lock does not initiate when ignition turned off.
  4. Same here with 2014 GT. Yellow key light is on, both fobs the same and steering lock doesn't engage after engine shut down. No problem starting or driving though. Anyone any other ideas before an expensive trip to Nissan. I've considered pulling the fuse but I know that there could be other issues too.
  5. Number 14 for sale at junction 17 cars, Peterborough. I only know because we nearly bought it, but decided to go for a newer one instead!
  6. First "real life moving Z"(since owning our own, please don't laugh), spotted approaching Hovingham, North Yorkshire on Sunday afternoon. Black 370 and wave exchanged and then a subsequent 10 minute gigglefest over the fact that another Z driver waved back!! I know that I need to get out more, but my therapist tells me that I'm recovering well and that soon, I'll be able to go out on my own again.
  7. Many thanks for the kind welcome guys and gals. We had a drive out over the North Yorkshire Moors on Sunday and had 2hat I consider the best journey I have had yet on those roads, and that includes on the bikes too! On the question of waving at other Z's, we only saw one other, but flashed and waved and got a wave back too. A great feeling to be part of a bigger family than on our own! Once again many thanks for the welcomes!
  8. Ps: what's the etiquette about flashing lights or waving at other 350/370's on the road? Done thing or not Done thing, as there ain't many of them around, feels a little like riding the bikes tbh!
  9. Hi all, Picked up our 14 plate 370 GT yesterday to replace the motorbikes that we're selling. Had to get a car with some oooomph as my bike is a Suzuki M1800r so it has some grunt. Anyway, long drive back home from dealer confirmed that this was NOT a mistake at all! We have been to many bike events and rallies over the years and now hope to join some of you at like minded events based around jap cars and especially 350/370's. Pic to follow soon, All the best, Rob n Shaz from East Yorks.





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