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  1. Oh my god those works!!!! They're my DREAM wheel!! Get them on ASAP!!
  2. Looks great buddy! Love them in black!!!
  3. This is just amazing. I wish I had the funds right now to do something similar to mine. Lovely lovely car mate!!
  4. Haha yeh man. A few local forum 350 owners but don't know of any on this site Thanks though!
  5. Haha yeh definitely! Haven't had as much fun with a car....ever! Makes the holiday look boring. And to be fair, the weather at home isn't much different to Spain at the minute anyway.....
  6. Put a deposit on this a few weeks ago and had my parents collect it for me while I was off on holiday. The excitement was too much knowing it was at home in the driveway, so I cut my holiday short and got back yesterday at 6am. I've not had any time to get bits bought for it but I spent 5 hours washing and waxing it today 2004 GT pack 69k miles Full Nissan service history 3 owners from new Immaculate inside and out COULD NOT BE HAPPIER! I've wanted one for ages and searched high and low for a good one! Plans: - BC coilovers - 19" Japan racing JR3 wheels - Nismo front bumper - Side step skirts - Full exhaust + decats - Plenum spacer - Remap etc - Kaaz 1.5 way exhaust
  7. LOVE the black! I wanted black initially but settled on my silver one lol. I can see myself wrapping it gloss black when I'm bored of it lol. Looking good bud
  8. I like that! I'll definitely be doing the same
  9. Great, I'll be happy if I can find a similar quality replica! Thanks for ur help dude
  10. That looks fantastic though!! Are those seats an optional extra from the factory or custom?
  11. slickcell


    Is that after remap or just a dyno following bolt ons?
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