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  1. Just run it through confused and the cheapest was £1400 not too bad. Then they phoned me to offer the chance at a cheaper quote and put me through to Adrian Flux. After all was said and done it came down too £1275. Very pleased +1 Adrian Flux!
  2. I had a cheapy cobra exhaust on the old car. I'm thinking I want some more noise but I don't want the droning as Ill hear it even more with a cloth roof.
  3. Just got my renewal through from admiral and they have literally added £1000 for nothing. Nothing has changed in the past year. I cannot understand it. 07 350z roadster
  4. Well this has not been updated in forever! I traded her in for a younger model
  5. Ah really woops sorry about that iv dropped them to £100 if anyone is interested.
  6. Cheap Spacers http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282078070177
  7. Welcome mate I'm in Colchester most days. I'll give ya a wave if I see u
  8. I'm in Colchester mate going to Tenerife tommorow though. Once I'm back we can compare noises and see if it is indeed a normal noise
  9. If it helps there are loads of players are around your age !
  10. Its £10 a month to play but you can use in game money to pay for your subscription !
  11. As title suggests do I have any fellow Zeders on EVE ? If anyone fancys getting into it hit me up its a brilliant game and I have lost 6 years of my life to it haha!
  12. Got asked to take a girl to her prom in my Z. I felt so honored. I added a few ribbons and it turned out pretty good !. She was chuffed to bits with the car she would arrive in. I made sure to rev the nuts off it is and made a great entrance
  13. So a few pics of her cleaned up and looking shiney
  14. Thank you mate you have put my mind to rest:)
  15. Hmm interesting thread think I may have to swap them. The missus will not be happy í ½í±Ž. They have done just have 70 miles ish.
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