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  1. Turned out the local place didn’t know what they were doing and made a hash of filling them. So I’m getting my own 70lbs bottle and I’m going to fill my own bottles. The nitrous is half the price but there’s a £99 bottle hire. Which should still work out £100 cheaper per 60-65 lbs for the first bottle, nearer £200 for the 2 nd bottle as the equipment will have been paid for. Plus it won’t involve a 3 hr round trip and badly filled bottles. So if anyone needs their bottle filling gimme a shout
  2. “I’m using a Kinetix composite intake” should have been the reply.
  3. Also. Cheeky little stubby. Not that I’ve got a radio.
  4. Next stop. Direct port ECU controlled NOS install.
  5. Just waiting on the last few small pieces of the puzzle.
  6. Might be attending assuming my cars isn’t in a state of disrepair. I’m hopefully starting my on my NOS upgrade next week.
  7. Its all louvred up supplied by torquen. A Zakustech rear Louvre and Stillen side louvres, my poly windows didn't cause too much hassle but the boot lid was fouling the "vortex generator" when fully open, might be the poly rear window raising the profile a little not sure. Any way, took a blade to the back edge and its now all good. I think it is crying out for a smart back bumper with some more gloss black flourishes, it can wait for now though. Maybe something will come up for sale?. Next step is to lower it, I've already got fully adjustable coilovers so should be difficult. Ive also just ordered my NOS kit, might actually do a separate thread for that as its going to be epic and I anticipate a good amount of hassle along the way. Its a twin bottle direct port setup all controlled through my syvec ecu.
  8. 4th is generally the preferred gear for power runs, usually the most direct ratio 1:1. Also the figures on the sheet are BHP, N/A cars are never going to yield fantastic gains, but making good your AFR is never going to be a bad thing, although it would have been nice and safe at the top end with that AFR. It’s also not beyond the realms of possibility that an inefficient hand built Power Flow exhaust could loose you power especially in the Y pipe. When i used to run a dyno we always had a “special” BMW M3 Mode because the average person would have been a little upset if a car left after a map only making “stock” power, the fact is they consistently made significantly less than BMW claimed as their figures were engine out of the car with a different intake and exhaust. BHP is basically a best guess and there are a few ways of calculating it. WHP is where it’s at, just not as good for the old pub talk.
  9. The French love a good riot. Do they usually get any where with them though, they seem to have got what they were after this time though (for a few months anyway)? I’d wager you could save a lot of money in most areas if you cut down massively on administration and middle management. Jobs for jobsworths. The French government has been way to protectionist and way to socialist for way too long and they’re upset because Macron is cutting back, turns out that the socialist model has to come to an end when you run out of other people’s money. It’s happening in France, Germany, Sweden and Spain to name a few. Or I could be horribly misinformed.
  10. 259whp (306bhp) 253ftlb JM Imports Dynojet syvec ecu v+ Plenum NWP Bigger TB K&N FILTER BERK HFCs Cobra back box Bumper vent R35 Injectors since this I’ve added Injen twin exhaust, I’ll be adding NOS and having the map tweaked at some point soon.
  11. Here’s a little clip of it with my mechanic friend driving. I’ll make a better clip when I’ve got a min. Hope the link works https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0d59UlCqmzdCT
  12. Giving my Z it’s first public outing, End of the Year meet at The Chemical Guys on Parkside road in Kendal Cumbria Sunday 16 December, if anyone fancies coming along.
  13. New battery, new battery location (slightly) still in the boot. Wayyyyy more cranking power and seems to have stopped my intermittent TC light.



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