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  1. ordered online from ebay about 2 years ago! there are kits that include the adapter harness and fascia. However, waste of money if the damn thing has interference every time you press the brake pedal. I am jsut about to put the original one back in as giving up.
  2. I am attempting to reinstall this exact kenwood, but struggling to fix an issue of a click (noise through speakers) everytime I press the brake pedal - I assume a grounding issue, but I have grounded the black cable to the metal bracaket behind dash. Speakers connected with the pre out (4v) using a celsius adapter. I know pre out reduces volume a bit, but volume is not the problem for me. Any one got any ideas as pulling my hair out!
  3. thanks Shezza, all done, no leaks. only drove it briefly as was raining but felt perky, though my day to day is an l200 pick up, so getting in the zed after that always feels a bit special!
  4. HELP with Wasso Spacer Requested! Just getting round to fitting this - had it in the garage for a couple of years! but confused regarding the spacer washers that sit under the plenum. They are threaded? So am I supposed to screw these onto the bolts first and then fasten down the plenium or place the spacer washers, then the plenium on top and then screw in the bolts? Please help as its doing my head in! Cheers Rich
  5. Hi all I have an 05 DE and also am now worrying about a ticking, first noticed it when at low revs reverberating off walls etc at the side of the road at the back end of the year, though not noticeable with the roof up/windows closed. Now waking the Z up for 2019 and spent some time with a bit of hose pipe to my eartrying to locate it. Most noticeable at the back of the engine toward the passenger side, particularly so on the fuel rail. I therefore replaced the back fuel damper but has not made any difference :-/ Could not really hear it from the front (with the hose pipe) so don't think it is the time timing chain. The car has only done 37k miles with annual oil changes, albeit as a weekend car when driven, it is generally "well exercised" I have some wynns engine flush and mobil 1 5w30 to try, but not really holding my breath. There seems to be lots of posts and clips of similar ticking, but I can't ever seem to see anyone reaching a solution, cause or cure. Surely there must be a zed expert who has followed this through to final conclusion/fix. I am actually starting to wonder if it is just normal noise for this motor. Has any one got any sound clips of a 350z de running hood up new, or knows that it is 100% OK. I keep reading about noisy hydraulic lifts etc but then read the z doesnt have lifters... Can injectors make a tick? ThreeFiddyZ I look forward to your next update - I will post the outcome of my engine flush and new oil! Thereafter wondering what to try next. Cheers Rich
  6. hi Shaw Uk, Where did you end up getting your window motor from and how much? I need one for my passenger door Thanks Richard
  7. Sorted mine, there are two bolts on each side, visible when 5th bow is up. Losen, pull bow down a bit and re tighten. Result....smaller gap and full seal contact. Happy bunny.
  8. Hi just replaced my roof (material) and noticed when closed that there is a small gap between the rubber sealing strip at the bottom and the boot at each side. Seems ok in the middle Any ideas how to fix? Can it be adjusted so that it closes tighter?
  9. Taken the risk and ordered a Scorpion from CS hopefully will receive it and have fitted before a long road trip to Angouleme next Wednesday to see the Circuit des Remparts race! Will feed back on the difference to the Cobra.
  10. Hi Hooch, Did you put the HFC and y pipe on with the Scorpion? if so how is it? Currently I have Berks HFC, Cobra y pipe, resonated mid and back box) and it is too loud for me. Looking at various options to generally lower the sound, one option being putting a Scorpion on as from post on here it seems it is quieter. Wondering if your set up fits the bill? Is there any drone? Cheers
  11. Ok thanks all, guess I might have to start looking for low mileage OEM cats, seems a shame to take the hfcs out. Perhaps im getting old...anyone seen my slippers?
  12. Gushie I am in darlington, but have resonated. As above with berks, drone is intrusive especially 50 to 80mph depending on gear
  13. Put a HKS on mine, seems fine, but no notable difference in sound or performance
  14. Currently my roadster has berks hfc's cobra y pipe, resonated centre snd bck box (bought like that) and tbh finding it too loud, especially the drone. Can anyone suggest the best way/options to quieten it without spending a fortune? Wondered about getting a larger muffler/resinator put in the centre section?
  15. Herorich - Barton - 05 Blade 350 Roadster
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