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  1. Jester

    Broken down on M3

    Hiya. nope didn't in the end. its a rev-up, 38k on clock 1.5 hours into 3 hour journey. Just coasting along at 80ish then cut out on me. Feels like a fuel flow issue. Starts fine, usual rev surge (assuming that is normal) on start up, tries to settle then cuts out. they had to stop traffic on M3 to get the car rescued...
  2. Jester

    Broken down on M3

    Guys, broken down, waiting for RAC. engine starts all good just the throttle doesn't seem to work anymore. Is there summit I can kick? any ideas? cheers jes
  3. Jester

    Bournemouth x 3

    Bit of Zed fest around Boscombe/ Southbourne Today silver 54 coupe dark blue k8 private coupe white 54 coupe black wheels any one on here?
  4. Impromptu meeting that only one of us knew about ;-)
  5. Outside garage on Cleveland road. looking very cleeeean!
  6. Not too far away in walden. Will come along if I'm about. no lairy colours or spoilers I'm afraid ;-)
  7. Has anyone tried to fit these tweeters and crossovers into the door of a 350z? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/253132427288 they are from a MK 6 Golf ignore the price as the chap is dreaming but they do look like they may go, so interested to know if anyone has thought the same or had a go? from what I can see the speaker itself will sit too proud so not too worried about that.
  8. Jester

    Exhaust for 2006 rev-up roadster.

    Looking for a Y piece and centre piece primarily but interested to see what (if anything) anyone has. thanks
  9. Dibs if kayjay doesn't go for them
  10. Jester

    Clear smoked front reflectors - 2006

    Hiya, sound good - going on a silver one so should be ok what would you want for them? cheers jes
  11. Jester

    Clear smoked front reflectors - 2006

    Thanks chaps.
  12. In the hope that someone might have a pair sat in a drawer or something... Let me know if you do! (and you wanna sell em ;-)
  13. Dang it Missed these - where did you get them from originally? Thanks
  14. You boys have 100k miles on me! Just stalled it nicely :-*> , seems tight enough - was just worried about bit point height but that could be me just getting used to it. First sports car for a while! This list of things I "thought" i might need to do is getting smaller :-)