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  1. Bournemouth x 3

    Bit of Zed fest around Boscombe/ Southbourne Today silver 54 coupe dark blue k8 private coupe white 54 coupe black wheels any one on here?
  2. Impromptu meeting that only one of us knew about ;-)
  3. Outside garage on Cleveland road. looking very cleeeean!
  4. Not too far away in walden. Will come along if I'm about. no lairy colours or spoilers I'm afraid ;-)
  5. Has anyone tried to fit these tweeters and crossovers into the door of a 350z? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/253132427288 they are from a MK 6 Golf ignore the price as the chap is dreaming but they do look like they may go, so interested to know if anyone has thought the same or had a go? from what I can see the speaker itself will sit too proud so not too worried about that.
  6. Exhaust for 2006 rev-up roadster.

    Looking for a Y piece and centre piece primarily but interested to see what (if anything) anyone has. thanks
  7. Dibs if kayjay doesn't go for them
  8. Clear smoked front reflectors - 2006

    Hiya, sound good - going on a silver one so should be ok what would you want for them? cheers jes
  9. Clear smoked front reflectors - 2006

    Thanks chaps.
  10. In the hope that someone might have a pair sat in a drawer or something... Let me know if you do! (and you wanna sell em ;-)
  11. Dang it Missed these - where did you get them from originally? Thanks
  12. You boys have 100k miles on me! Just stalled it nicely :-*> , seems tight enough - was just worried about bit point height but that could be me just getting used to it. First sports car for a while! This list of things I "thought" i might need to do is getting smaller :-)
  13. Best news today - not been abused so should be OK. Maybe just getting used to the slightly agricultural feeling between 1 and 2 (car still only a month or so old to me)
  14. Been toying with that... thing is I actually prefer the stereo off and listening to the tune of the engine... and am particular on ICE if I am going to do it. Thing is modern tech moves so fast and in a way the Zed is the oasis away from all of that!
  15. Just sat down and thought, right what am I going to do to the Zed to get it to where I want to. These are just general wear and tear things plus the odd improvement Essential (next 12 months) Clutch - £750 (maybe new fly wheel too) - Feels OK but zed has done 38k and 40k seems to be the expected life? Tyres - £600 - new fronts defo as starting to crack where the car was sat not being used Spacers - £200 Brakes - £480 - squeaking but stopping well for now, will probably take the chance to upgrade W Brace - £450 - looks like a cadburys flake Re-roof - £850 - Still water tight, just a couple of tiny tears in the usual corners Stereo Fit Kit - £70 Head Unit - £429 Speakers x 4 - £250 Amp - £300 Fitting/ Parts - £150 Quick Q - I "think" these prices seem about right, any wisdom on where I can make some savings at all?