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  1. Hello and welcome - new myself and a great bunch on here!
  2. I used these for the cleaning bit at least - came up a treat. The car had been treated when new with some sort of coating which has helped keep it looking mint all these years but the lights were almost yellow - now crystal clear after a couple of wipes. Label sounds like they would strip anything off anything, but they are not that powerful so happy to use on the car (alloys, lights, plastics) Will have a look at re-coating them now I have seen this
  3. They sure do. It's a small start, but I can fee the zeditis starting to set in! Bigger things to do in the v near future!
  4. All sorted through zmanalex zeds got its face back to normal!
  5. Yeah seems that is one of his other websites. Asked him the thrid-party Q, this is what I got - Everyone is liable only for damages to their own car so if you hit someone else they pay to repair their car and you pay to repair yours. That's why insurance on a track day is a good idea, as you can't account for what other drivers are on the track and their actions could write your car off. Will work on seeing if he can do something for us... if you don't ask....
  6. Hola and Welcome - new myself! Nice day light running lights
  7. This fella lives opposite me - http://www.ryanmi.com - I have not used him but he only does track insurance, might be worth checking out. This is not an endorsement just a useful link.
  8. Star man, will give him a holler! Thanks
  9. Thanks Roasty, I'm having that much luck finding one it might well be worth a trip up the A13! Will let you know if I manage to find an untapped supply.... Might try Nissan direct - is that likely to be a fools journey?
  10. Cheers Si8pny - none about on ebay at mo by the looks of things. Will just have to keep my ear to the ground!
  11. Cheers Jords, duly noted!
  12. Thanks Jords. I popped along to Halfrauds on Monday, I did manage to find a plethora of sounds settings (equaliser etc) on there... thanks for the heads up on sound quality though but for apple car play options seems a little limited! The pioneer I saw doesn't have DAB which is a must. I will rip all the Bose out at some point and go with a 4 channel Focal amp, speaker and sub setup (all to be hidden under the current plastics which may be fun!) Before I do that it will be the head unit only for a while as I try and trickle mods in without the missus noticing ;-) - so will run through busters mod so i don't hit the voltage issues. The tech moves so quickly, but this should make a real difference. The only other concern is whether or not I need to add another microphone as I have a cabriolet...
  13. Hi all, Going to drop kick that useless Bose H/U into touch and am looking at this: http://www.kenwood-electronics.co.uk/dmx7017dabs/ Managed to read through all the great posts on here and have all the bits I need to install. Just wondering if anyone has this head unit installed at all and can share their thoughts having lived with it? I have the standard Nav in the car too (which I will keep) but may replace the screen as it has some crazing issues... Any gen on the above much appreciated. Cheers Jes
  14. Sounds good - I have had a search through but nothing coming up - can you remember what you searched for? I have no idea what that would be called! Thanks muchly
  15. On the off chance has anyone got one of these I can relieve them of? Pic explains better than I can!