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  1. Hi, Anyone know where I can buy one of these arch trim pieces that rivet onto the front bumper? I need to replace one of mine on my MK1 nismo. Thanks
  2. Mods - added pics with username/date
  3. NOW SOLD I have a 370z nismo back box sitting in my garage taking up room. I bought a complete OEM exhaust as I needed the midpipe, so this is not needed. It's a bit corroded inside the exhaust tips (see pics) - the guy I bought it off stored it outside for a while. I've no idea how that will affect it, if it will at all, but the rest of it is in good condition as you can see. £50 collected from DH4/Sunderland
  4. Yeah I thought I would probably have to buy new; shame because I managed to get my Borla exhaust for my 350z quite cheap on eBay. Yeah I really like the sound - I know the young un's will say it's not a Tomei or something else obnoxiously loud, but I think the Borla is a fantastic tone, really makes it sound a bit more exotic. I removed the resonators from my last one and it was awesome.
  5. Hi all, Probably a long shot, but I'm looking for a Borla exhaust for my 370z Nismo. Had one on my 350z back in the day and loved the sound (getting too old for really loud exhausts!). Preferably used in good condition. Cheers
  6. Hi all, as title says after a set of front discs for my `13 370z Nismo. OEM would be fine, or maybe something a bit better price dependent
  7. Still available. Great condition. Willing to arrange courier to mainland UK addresses at buyers expense.
  8. As per title - any traders here got those in? Or used with plenty of meat left on them? Cheers
  9. I bought this a few weeks ago with the intention of returning mostly to stock and running short tails. But I've changed my mind, so this is up for sale now. According to the original seller, this was from a 66 plate Nismo, and was only on the car for around 6 months before he upgraded. As you can see it's in great condition, and would come up great with a proper polish. Tips are in great condition, no scrapes or corrosion. Flexi's are all good too, no fraying or anything. One thing to note, I had to grind off the bolts that were welded to the midpipe (the end that meets the H pipe) as the threads had been stripped. This just means you'll need bolts and nuts rather than just nuts, pretty simple. Collection from Sunderland preferred. If you want to pay for a courier/postage, we could sort that out. £300
  10. I've only had these on the car for a week - they sound awesome but they're a little too much for me £350 ono. As you can see, excellent condition, pretty much as-new. Polished 5" tips, will come with gaskets, but no bolts/nuts. Buyer to collect (I'm in Sunderland), or I can arrange a courier at an agreed cost.





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