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  1. Neoncypher

    Looking for my old Z

    Thanks mate - glad to see she's still on the road....Fingers crossed!
  2. Neoncypher

    Looking for my old Z

    Hi all, Sorry if this is in the wrong place or is not allowed (mods pls move or delete if I'm breaking any rules) I'm trying to track down my old Z to see if the new new owner would want to sell. I thought I'd see if they're on here or if anyone knows the new owner. I've regretted selling it ever since it left and I'd love to get it back. Any help would be much appreciated Cheers Adam
  3. Neoncypher

    20 or 25mm wheel spacers

    Thanks, but ideally I'm after Eibach or H&R
  4. Neoncypher

    20 or 25mm wheel spacers

    Hi all - after a set of hubcentric wheel spacers, either Eibach or H&R, 20 or 25mm please. Cheers Adam
  5. Hi, I paid over £100 for them, bought them from Nengun and had them imported - so add import duty/tax on top of that. I had them on my Z with the GT Rays - no close up pics I'm afraid, but they're black and look cool on.
  6. Price drop £70 posted
  7. Hi all, Now the Z has gone I have these for sale. Genuine Rays, imported from Japan - lighter and look awesome. Excellent condition. Includes locking nuts and key £70 + £5 p&p Cheers. Adam
  8. Neoncypher

    Undersealing in the North East

    Yeah I've had quotes from the GTR shop (who I actually bought my GTR from) and JM Imports - JM Imports was a pretty cheap quote and I'm not sure how thorough a job they could do in the short time they said they'd need. GTR shop quote is very expensive, they said they'd need 3 days, and I've no doubt they'll do a good job but I have no relative quote to compare it to. I've used Falcon before when I had the Z, but didn't know they did undersealing - anyone had there's done with them?
  9. Hi all, Sorry if this is in the wrong forum area, but I'm looking for somewhere to get my R33 GTR undersealed in the North East or even possibly further afield - I'm looking for somewhere reputable that actually cares, rather than somewhere cheap that will slap a bit of waxoyl on in a hour and be done with it. Any suggestions folks? Cheers Adam
  10. Neoncypher

    Greetings from Reading

    Hey that's a nice car :byebye: :byebye:
  11. Neoncypher

    [SOLD]Red '03 350z GT - £5.5k

    Sold to SRaven this morning. Top guy, she's gone to a good home
  12. Neoncypher

    [SOLD]Red '03 350z GT - £5.5k

  13. Neoncypher

    [SOLD]Red '03 350z GT - £5.5k

    Yeah but the drive back would be waaaaay more interesting haha. Keep me in mind if you don't find anything local mate... . Sometimes you need to branch out a little further than you'd like for a good specimen. A few Gs of mods on this already too.
  14. Neoncypher

    [SOLD]Red '03 350z GT - £5.5k

    Are you in Stoke? Only a 3hr drive away if so