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  1. Hi all I'm looking for an axle back exhaust for my 370z nismo. I have a custom cbe at the moment, which is a bit too loud, and I've also tried short tails which were again too loud for me. Preferably I'm after the aam competition s-line, the 'twin muffler' version not the short tails. What's out there? Cheers Adam
  2. Hi guys - thought I'd give an update on this. Went to my local dealer who had a look at it. They said they couldn't see any rust and that it was just dirt. That's when I had to show them they were looking in the wrong place. Anyway they eventually saw it, and sent their report to Nissan, who denied it almost immediately saying it isn't a corrosion issue. Having spoken more to my local body shop they seem to think that rust is the result of the two surfaces rubbing and vibrating against each other over the years, wearing down the paint and eventually causing rust. I raised this again with Nissan customer service, arguing that this happening on a very well maintained and cared for car after 7 years is ridiculous. Long story short, I was offered a small amount of money as a voucher to use at the dealership, so I'm going to get a proper quote from their body shop and see if their quote minus the voucher is cheaper than my local shop. Judging by your struggle @Justthejedi, I think this may be the best I'll get.
  3. Hey yeah I agree, I was just after the info right now so I had it if I needed it.
  4. Cheers for that mate - if you or anyone else has any names/email addresses for Nissan higher-ups please PM me.
  5. Do you think they would entertain it, without a full Nissan service history?
  6. Got a quote back from the bodyshop - £1300 for the rust treatment/prevention, both rear quarters painting, blending etc. Anyone recommend any reputable bodyshops in the North East area (or a bit further, willing to travel a bit) so I can get a 2nd quote?
  7. Thanks for that mate I will have a look at the weekend. I haven't gotten in touch with Nissan yet, but I am waiting for a quote from a local bodyshop. I'll keep you all posted.
  8. Hi guys cheers for the replies Here are some pics - It's on the bottom of the rear quarter where it meets the skirt. On the 2nd image I'm pushing the skirt inward to reveal the rust, which is why I haven't noticed it before.
  9. I haven't taken it to them yet, I wanted to get some advice from the forum first. I was worried (but prepared) for me being on my own with this, but thought someone else may have had a similar experience
  10. Hi all, I'm after some advice where I stand with some small rust spots I have found on my mk1 370 nismo. They are low on the rear quarter panel, the seam where the plastic on the side skirt meets the metal. I have to push the skirt in slightly to see, so they aren't off stone chips, this is corrosion. I don't know if this is relevant at all, but my car was one of the Nissan press cars at the time, featured in videos by Autocar and Auto Express - wondering if Nissan would have any sympathy there haha I'm the 3rd registered keeper, and it has FSH but only partially Nissan history. I read somewhere that the 370z has a 12 year anti corrosion warranty but I don't know if I have a leg to stand on not being the original owner and not having a full Nissan service history. The previous owner was a car detailer and kept it meticulously clean and sealed etc. In my ownership it has been garaged at night and cleaned/detailed regularly, so she's been looked after well. Any advice would be great Cheers
  11. Hi, Anyone know where I can buy one of these arch trim pieces that rivet onto the front bumper? I need to replace one of mine on my MK1 nismo. Thanks
  12. NOW SOLD I have a 370z nismo back box sitting in my garage taking up room. I bought a complete OEM exhaust as I needed the midpipe, so this is not needed. It's a bit corroded inside the exhaust tips (see pics) - the guy I bought it off stored it outside for a while. I've no idea how that will affect it, if it will at all, but the rest of it is in good condition as you can see. £50 collected from DH4/Sunderland





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