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  1. Hi all, as title says after a set of front discs for my `13 370z Nismo. OEM would be fine, or maybe something a bit better price dependent
  2. Still available. Great condition. Willing to arrange courier to mainland UK addresses at buyers expense.
  3. As per title - any traders here got those in? Or used with plenty of meat left on them? Cheers
  4. I bought this a few weeks ago with the intention of returning mostly to stock and running short tails. But I've changed my mind, so this is up for sale now. According to the original seller, this was from a 66 plate Nismo, and was only on the car for around 6 months before he upgraded. As you can see it's in great condition, and would come up great with a proper polish. Tips are in great condition, no scrapes or corrosion. Flexi's are all good too, no fraying or anything. One thing to note, I had to grind off the bolts that were welded to the midpipe (the end that meets the H pipe) as the threads had been stripped. This just means you'll need bolts and nuts rather than just nuts, pretty simple. Collection from Sunderland preferred. If you want to pay for a courier/postage, we could sort that out. £300
  5. I've only had these on the car for a week - they sound awesome but they're a little too much for me £350 ono. As you can see, excellent condition, pretty much as-new. Polished 5" tips, will come with gaskets, but no bolts/nuts. Buyer to collect (I'm in Sunderland), or I can arrange a courier at an agreed cost.
  6. Hi all, I'm fitting a stock nismo midpipe back onto my '13 nismo (so I can get rid of my custom exhaust and fit short tails). I'm struggling to find the right gasket for my H-pipe to midpipe - can anyone clear this up for me? Cheers Adam
  7. I've never used Tyreleader - I've read some dicey reviews on Trustpilot though. Did you have any bother with them? And were they 'generic' ones or did they have any manufacturer specific lettering on them?
  8. Hi, Looking to get 4 new tyres for my 370z Nismo (2013) after finding a lovely big screw in my rear left tyre. I'm thinking about the Bridgestone re050a. Obviously these are popular with different manufacturers as OEM tyres, and on Camskill there are a variety of manufacturer specific versions available. I bought the car with RE050A's on the back, with the designation "BZ" - is that right for this car? Camskill have them available in the rear sizes with the "BZ" designation, and the fronts available without any specific lettering. If I got these four tyres, would there be a compound and/or mold difference between the front and rear? If there was would that even be a problem? Any help would be gratefully received Cheers Adam
  9. Hi, Anyone with a stock Nismo exhaust wanting to upgrade their sound, I have a custom cat back with short tails - looking for a straight swap. I can provide pics and videos of sound as required. Cheers Adam





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