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  1. I've never used Tyreleader - I've read some dicey reviews on Trustpilot though. Did you have any bother with them? And were they 'generic' ones or did they have any manufacturer specific lettering on them?
  2. Hi, Looking to get 4 new tyres for my 370z Nismo (2013) after finding a lovely big screw in my rear left tyre. I'm thinking about the Bridgestone re050a. Obviously these are popular with different manufacturers as OEM tyres, and on Camskill there are a variety of manufacturer specific versions available. I bought the car with RE050A's on the back, with the designation "BZ" - is that right for this car? Camskill have them available in the rear sizes with the "BZ" designation, and the fronts available without any specific lettering. If I got these four tyres, would there be a compound and/or mold difference between the front and rear? If there was would that even be a problem? Any help would be gratefully received Cheers Adam
  3. Hi, Anyone with a stock Nismo exhaust wanting to upgrade their sound, I have a custom cat back with short tails - looking for a straight swap. I can provide pics and videos of sound as required. Cheers Adam
  4. I would also trade my custom cat back exhaust for anyone with a stock Nismo looking to upgrade
  5. '03 350z GT, to a R33 GTR, and just recently to a '13 370z nismo. The Skyline was epic but rarely got used as it was just too brutal for everyday driving, and it was sad to see it sitting in the garage all the time. Also never really bonded with it because of that, whereas straight away the Nismo feels like something I would never want to sell.
  6. Hi all, After a few years out of a Z car I felt the calling, and so I bought a 2013 Nismo. Feels good to be back Here's a few overly artsy shots I took: Looking forward to the summer now
  7. Mine is 2013 if that makes any difference?
  8. Hi all, I've just recently purchased a 370z nismo, which I am loving so far. One thing I've noticed, and I'm not sure if it's an issue or just a characteristic of the car, is that when I depress the brake pedal there is an airy hiss sort of noise, coming from the pedal itself. I used to have a 350z GT and I recall the brembos could be almost 'pre-loaded' with one press of the brake pedal so the second press the brake response was more immediate - is this something similar? Or do I have an issue? I haven't noticed any issues with braking (except some judder which is likely a different issue like pad deposits or something). Cheers Adam
  9. Sorted with short tails, just after the mid pipe now
  10. Well, no longer looking for the old girl, I decided to get a 370z nismo instead :)
  11. After some AAM (or AAM style) resonated short tails for my 2013 nismo. New or good condition used. I have a custom exhaust on at the moment, from the H pipe back, which ends in non resonated short tails. It sounds epic but it's a bit too loud for my aging ears. Willing to do a swap too if anyone fancies. Cheers
  12. Got one now thanks guys, mods please close



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