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  1. I have an Auto JDM 350z & love it. Monday to Friday I drive manuals but when the weekend arrives No issues with the auto box that I've heard of.
  2. Great video I am going to try some drifting at Brands Hatch, never tried it before but really looking forward to it now I've seen your video
  3. Sorry to see that! I really hate taking my Z anywhere near public car parks. Hope the video show the damage being done and you find the Driver
  4. I have an itmport and it also has a halfords battery. I can't believe how small the battery is but it starts every time, even when it hasn't been used for a couple of weeks.
  5. That video should be called, World-War-Z. It made me jump to! It was a bit grim look at some of the wreckages in the1st video!
  6. Thanks for the write up, I want to change my side light bulbs (but didn't want to remove the bumper) and now I can, easily
  7. I arranged to have mine sent while I was on holiday, got home and there they were They work really well thanks Pete. You might want to cross me off the list now the job is completed
  8. Cesar's approach works if you believe you are the boss. I have used his approach on other peoples dogs, big & small & always had great results in a short space of time.
  9. <quote>if his driving was that bad & he abused you there is always the Police to report him to but I doubt they'll do f**k all. <quote> I reported someone who overtook me using a footpath, he is now in prison; got 2 years. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time I also know of someone spending 17 weeks in hospital with a head injury, got out of his car, changed his mind & was hit from behind with a hammer. It's just not worth it
  10. Ever wonder why they put SLOW in a red box on the roads or lower the speed limits? The reason is there has usually been an accident at that location. Even if roads & speed limits are dangerous, no money will be spent to change things until there is an incident, you're right it will never happen!
  11. There are only 3 problems here; 1st, people think that once they have a licence it's a right not a privilege. 2nd, there are not enough Police to catch offenders. 3rd, we are too lenient when they are caught, there are many drivers (I use the term loosely) driving with more than 12 penalty points, allowed to keep their licence because they would suffer if their licence was withdrawn.
  12. I only looked at a JDM as I wanted an Auto gear box (I drive a manual car all day so just wanted to press & go......oooo). I have an OBD2 which reads all the fault codes. Parts haven't been an issue so far as all uk stuff fits/works ok. I brought the 1st one I looked at (after doing some research) and guess I was lucky as I appear to have an ok JDM Z. The only issue so far £490 Road Tax!!
  13. I don't see many, I live close to Chineham & drive in & around Basingstoke most days
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