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  1. Ok so thanks for putting the place we r meeting on first page can someone just please confirm the time we all plan on meeting. Thanks In advance c u all tomoro 😊
  2. Ok I have a stand pass now awesome! I can't seem to find the thread to c what services we r meeting at b4 hand if someone could be so kind as to either let me know wer n what time or post a link. Thanks
  3. Sorry don't want to get lost in the thread spare stand pass would be great. :-) it's a z aswel ;-p
  4. Any passes left I know it's late but would love to come along í ½í±
  5. Just some cast mania wheels at the mo 20" dished but in contact with plush automotive who provided/fitted the air suspension about a custom made set of watercooled ind wheels. Think the supercharger has to come first tho! As I've mentioned it does anyone on here know who has fitted the stillen supercharger to a 370 already would love to see/hear/feel one before I commit??!
  6. Rear camber is only when it's aired out parking up it pretty much disappears when raised to ride height. I'm not for all the negative camber in cars like ours takes away from what they are meant for (performance!)
  7. The wrap comes with a 7 year guarantee. Now presumably that depends on how well it has been fitted aswel tho!! Only time will tell I guess. Paul at pw pro has re wrapped cars for people who wanted a change and don't quote me but they have had the previous wrap on for 5 or so years. More details on his website regarding durability or contact him if anyone is interested I'm sure he'd be happy to help.
  8. U won't be disappointed. Customer service is great aswel.
  9. No I was gonna go white originally and changed my mind last minute. I didn't really see too many in the blue I've had so was a bit of a snap decision which thankfully (in my eyes) payed off!!
  10. I had kw coilovers previously variant 1 with fixed dampers. I now have airrex suspension with adjustable dampers with accuair elevel management system and in all honesty u cannot tell the difference between the two. I was very skeptical about going to air as I didn't want to compromise the handling as 350/370s are performance cars not just a little run around but I have to say I am not disappointed in the slightest. Not cheap tho that's the only downfall. If u decide to go for it there are many management systems out ther and I would recommend the elevel.
  11. It's on air now so not bad really for speed bumps still wouldn't be taking them quickly tho!! Price was 2500 but that was with the bonnet and front bumper double wrapped and all the fees from the paint/body shop aswel. Not a bad price I thought, you can get it done cheaper but the attention to detail isn't the same. Pw pro have a very good write up on all the forums and I'm glad I settled with them and can't say enough about how good a job they've done.
  12. The photos don't do it justice it's not like the standard 370 colour it's actually a lot lighter in colour and more reflective of the light it looks great in bright sunlight!





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