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  1. They never refer to you by your real name only by your email address or use phrases like my dear friend, dear client etc. I was scammed once when was selling my car. I advertised it on pistonheads and an hour later I got email saying that there is a problem with my advert. I used the link to the website they sent and once I put my details the browser went blank thats when I realised that somethings wrong. Checked the email header and it wasn't geniue pistonheads. I quickly changed my password. On this webiste https://haveibeenpwned.com you can check if your details have been compromised. My was stolen from myfitnesspal few years ago and that time I was mostly using the same password everywhere but since then I always use different for each account.
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  3. got today 4mm rubber mats much better than the carpet ones just the smell of it is awful hope it will go away after few days lol
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  5. Hello Adrian to the forum.
  6. if you are looking for one I've got mine for sale





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