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  1. In the 3 years I've owned my 370 today was only the 4th 370 I've seen driving around my area. Eager to catch it up and possibly get a nod or a wave, we stopped side by side at 3 sets of lights, but the driver totally blanked me at each set, very odd!
  2. Yes if it comes to it I'll consider the delete option, I'm going to push them hard though, especially considering they've honoured warranty work on at least one person on here's 350 bonnet
  3. Oh dear this looks nasty, bit like the alloys have started to show (is the tailgate alloy too). I've never had the paint perforation checks done etc but I'm sure it shouldn't be doing this, it's a 2009 model but even so? So what do you recon, trip to the dealers or straight on to nissan customer services?
  4. I checked and indeed it is covered on my insurance, £100 excess, good call Chris. Btw Nissan quoted £770 to supply this part. Could have got the full tailgate off ebay, one on there now at £250, and another sold recently at £125 - probably the cheaper option in the long run as no doubt they'll put my premium up now.
  5. Just gone to get car off the drive and noticed the tailgate glass shattered, some kind person lobbed something over the fence by the looks of it. Going to ring round the auto glass companies this morning, anyone know where best I can get a replacement?
  6. Thought I'd just share the links to some of the videos I shot at Lakez of Midge Ure doing his acoustic set (sorry about the shaky footage audio is OK though): Vienna If I Was Hymn Loves Great Adventure Dancing with Tears in my Eyes One Small Day The Voice Light in Your Eyes youtu.be/3JHyiQJm6w8 Breath youtu.be/QuNkqRh_sOE
  7. Yep, setting off from Manchester in 10 mins, just finished washing the car in the rain
  8. What's the black stuff, have you tried getting it off? Might buff out as they say?
  9. Have a quick look at the drain holes for the passenger door are clear. If the door fills with water then it will likely run out inside the car.
  10. Ahh yes, around the bend to find everyone stopped, I had bit of braking 'moment' there after some spirited catching up of the group.
  11. Just watched some of this in my lunch break, that's some really great footage, especially impressed with the sound quality too; you can hear every drop of rain
  12. You could reshell it: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Paint-Metallic-Color-Shell-Cover-Holder-for-NISSAN-Smart-Remote-Key-Fob-4-BTN-RD-/181167665487 Or just strip and respray your existing one? I've resisted getting a Z logo on the key ring just in case I lost the keys or they were stolen, kinda identifies the car really...
  13. Looks great in the pics, can't wait to see one in the flesh. Nissan have done a good job here, styling is not too aggressive looking but enough to make sure it stands out from the crowd. Nice to see the fangs back too. Hope we get this over here at some point.





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