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  1. I shall show mum this as I know she was interested
  2. I have to admit....those girls are tasty.....but they are sorta in the way of the lush car
  3. I bought for my Punto some cheap £7 pair from Ebay.....best £7 I've spent on my car ever!! Had them on just over a year now
  4. haha! are you serious?! I am a very gullible person, so you are probably twisting my leg - I can't wait to go next year, mum might even put me on the insurance for a week
  5. wow, you must be keen! going to a meet like literally an hour after picking up your new baby?! hats off to you!!!
  6. Welcome to the club! everyones so lovely and helpful here
  7. Mum and I are walking the dog, going to an art exhibition and chillin' - really wanted to go to London but my friend was bussssyyy! I hope the weather holds out for your bbq
  8. haha - rofl, mum said... 'oh its a lovely looking car, nice paint.....' taking it all seriously....then realised it was a toy.....
  9. Wow! check out Colin in his day-glo! why was that needed? Well I am blown away by the photos, everyone and all the cars looked lovely and the driving route looks amazing, Mum and I are really hoping to get there later this year for the 2nd part or even next year
  10. haha - sprinkles will take over....we are just biding our time lads Hey Laura hun x
  11. I know what you mean, I have a couple of good polish friends and they are lovely, I also agree when the minority ruin it for others, and I am not even going to go there with football hooligans
  12. omg this is truly awful, its scary how one punch can damage someone that badly, i guess if they know what they are doing. Its such a cheek how we let all these people in our country and some of them sponge from us and send OUR money abroad making us weaker...but... when we visit there and invest money in their economy and look what they do to us for it! Its disgusting!!!
  13. omg Andy your avatar is really quite horrific
  14. You should never post about a lovely car like that without photos theres a good number of meets up your way so be sure to get it out and about the summer and make use of the soft-top





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