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  1. Ahhh shucks just missed out....have fun all! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. 4 x 25mm Superforma Wheel Spacers, £80ono Removed and then stored, all spacers are good with all nut, collection only I'm afraid from Swindon Wiltshire.
  3. Agreed and I do but sadly I'm a muppet and my kit is sat at the mother in laws where I took it out to clean the car last week dohhhh
  4. Thanks dude, sadly my nearest garage is over 5miles away down pothole laden country roads so I'll be tackling it tomorrow with the compressor first
  5. Good point dude, I'm picking up my pressure gauge and compressor tomorrow....I suspect the tyre has been losing air slowly over the last week, fingers crossed I havent fudged the rim completely as only a week or two old lol Thanks Sai
  6. Hello gents, Just looking for some advice, car has been driving like poop the last few days with no visible reason, went for a short drive today and car felt terrible, when I got home I noticed the left tyre looks slight deformed/deflated which would explain the pulling to left, poor ride etc To me it almost looks like the sidewalk could be slightly warped/misshaped? Tyres are Falken 245 35 19 with a slight stretch on a Japan racing jr3 rim. Will check pressure etc tomorrow morning Has anybody had this happen to them or have any input into what it may be? Left tyre Right tyre for comparison Cheers Sai
  7. Just use the go pro app on your phone to setup your shots and start recording dude, that is assuming you have a smartphone!
  8. Mods please lock this thread as all items gone, free stuff will be sent out shortly..apologies for the belated reply but day surgery turned into a much longer lay off than expected Cheers Sai
  9. Hi guys all PMs replied to and all free stuff taken I'm afraid
  10. Hi Guys, So in a bid to clear some space in the garage ready for winter I have the following up for sale All items are located in Swindon Wiltshire and I'd prefer collection I'll add some better photos once it stops hammering down. 2 x vredestein sessanta tyres with 5mm tread 235/35/19 £50 I also have a full set of oem 18 350z wheels wrapped in Falkens with 5mm tread in standard sizes (2 x 225/2 x 245/45/18) alloys have a few marks and minor rash but nothing major £200 Finally I will soon be replacing my 19 inch forged Rays (8j et30 and 8.5j et33) so these will be up for sale (no tyres and could all do with a refurb £300 (yes they will be cleaned before sale) For reference here's some fitted to 350zs And finally a few free items (collection) or for the cost of postage (sorry for no username photo mods hopefully as they are free i will be shown leniency) Sfs hose Nissan Burger badge Locking wheel nuts
  11. I work in IT and left school at 16, never had any interest in getting a degree and would rather have the 15 plus years of experience and relevant industry qualifications (MCSE, VCP, CCNA etc) Work hard, continually develop your skillset and connect/ network with your peers and you can't go far wrong The only way in my eyes a degree is worthwhile career wise is if your chosen path requires it....just my two cents
  12. Enjoy it dude, snowboarding is great fun...only in my eyes rivalled on the slopes by a pair of trick skis/big foots
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