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  1. Sad to see her go, but yes we do all makes. We have BMW diagnostic equipment as well as VAGCOM for VW and Audi etc.
  2. Thanks all, only just had time to get on here. Been a hectic few weeks.
  3. Thanks Chris. Nice to know it feels better.
  4. I will never fit Hel lines again due to past fitment issues and poor customer service. Agree with Ewan, Hosetechnik or Goodridge. Never go for the cheaper option with brakes. You kinda need them.
  5. Next time your in Will i'll charge you £99 an hour because I like you!
  6. Just goes to show what rip off merchants they are! How they can go from £365 + £70 to Ok we'll do it for £250! You done well though getting them down to that. The Nissan coolant is very good quality from factory. I would ask them what the test result was. What degree protection it went to.
  7. You wont be disappointed. Very well made, quality exhaust.
  8. I really need to get the cleaners in, didn't realise how dirty the floor was! Nice to meet you Chirag, glad your happy with the exhaust.
  9. Have a look on our Facebook page. We lowered a 370z convertible with 25mm spacers. I think it looks a million times better.
  10. Tradelink are a nice bunch and if you do buy a 350z from them in December you get a free pack of Partyrings! Amazing!
  11. We charge 4 hours labour to fit a clutch kit/Flywheel @ £54 + Vat an hour. Plus we offer a 10% discount for members. We recommened and supply Luk flywheels and Exedy clutches and haven't had any problems with fitment as of yet. I personally prefer and would stick with the dual mass. If you are going to buy the parts yourself get them from Alex.
  12. We had Navara for 3 years, good truck. Dont think anything can touch the Hi-lux at the moment. Dont go L200.
  13. Ive seen these on Hennerz sunset 350z and think they look awesome. A great subtle mod.
  14. Cheers Alex. Give me a call tomorrow and we'll see if we can get you sorted. 01923 260707
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