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  1. Had a few goes of it and tried out the simulation handling; not sure if that was there in FM3? Either way, feels awesome now. Do agree it's a little odd that they lost out on the Porsche license? But some of the changes in the game especially lightning engine make it look sweet. Trying to wrestle an SLS around the Top Gear track with just ABS on is a nightmare with my fat fingers but hella fun!
  2. Nah I agree with Ekona, Hamilton seemed distracted from before 130R. Yeah JB wasn't too far down the road ahead of him, but he could have been a lot closer because lets face it, he wouldn't exactly hold him up on a flying lap, and could have benefited from the tow anyway.
  3. Glad you got an outcome your happy with. Got to agree, if I had another Zed it would have to be in Azure too!
  4. Renewed again with Sky to make it 3 years on the trot now. Always a pleasure to deal with, and the first renewal for the R8 is not as bad as I feared!
  5. Honestly not sure if this is strictly legal, but certainly didn't have any problems in 18 months or so?
  6. Just hoping for some exciting viewing either way. Would make great tv if Vettel fails to get into q3 or something, but I rather expect it to be YAPFV .
  7. Well, I'm slightly biased of course, but you could do a lot worse than the R8. Ticks a lot of boxes, very comfortable cruiser, epic carrying capacity and that sound. 30k is a nice round figure though, have you considered: TVR T350? http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/2838818.htm Corvette C6? http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/2892040.htm
  8. What a corker. Spent near all weekend playing this!
  9. So many great pictures in this thread... damn, I really need to learn how to take a decent snap!
  10. scorpion has a lifetime warranty, the k2 doesnt. Japspeed are good about sorting problems however, despite the exhausts being a little inconsistent. I had an entire system replaced after a fault with the tailpipes on a K2. Still, if your considering a new exhaust I'd really suggest saving up a few more hundred and plump for something like a Buddy Club if you want loud, they ooze quality.
  11. Very nice - not just any old SLR either!
  12. Biggest one for me atm is the rise of HGV's blindly following satnavs down tight country lanes. What a palaver. Also, I have experienced the phenomena of someone driving 20mph+ below the speed limit on said B roads, and yet taking massive offense when you overtake them in a safe manner. Can't quite fathom the thinking there...
  13. Aye, I saw a similar procession. A 911 GT2, GT40, California and a 360 Modena in quick succession.
  14. Been to Southampton and back today, and spotted an Azure coupe OV53 I think? on the M40. Then when almost back home I spotted Mattbowey I think? in his green coupe - loving that colour btw, despite the bad weather it looked ace!
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