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  1. Walbertonio

    Amateur Photography Thread

    So many great pictures in this thread... damn, I really need to learn how to take a decent snap!
  2. Walbertonio

    AdvancedME goes for 1kbhp with the Z

    Fascinating stuff - won't pretend to understand that testing going on there, but looking forward to seeing how this progresses!
  3. Walbertonio

    Check out my Nismo!

    haha, good luck! I remember seeing a picture of my bosses about that size... it's the size of a small horse now!
  4. Walbertonio

    DIAL and INTERIOR lights COLOUR change PICS

    That looks awesome! Your right, that rev counter is the nuts!
  5. Walbertonio

    What you need to upgrade your 350z Audio System

    Big thanks to those who compiled this thread - got the cables and facia I needed from Sextons, and replaced the OEM headunit with a Sony CDX-GT33U. Over the moon with it, no more faffing with CDs, just one USB key with every mp3 I want on.
  6. Walbertonio

    Memory Lane: Post up your old car pics here

    Some great stories and pictures there, damn shame what happened to that Cobra. Only a little history, but here it is anyway. Don't have pic's handy, so googled some similar. Started off with a £350 purchase of this powerhouse , a Daewoo Espero: http://www.tucarro.com.co/daewoo-TCMOD- ... go-826.jpg Ran pretty well for a year before a few issues with ABS and suspension convinced me to buy something else: http://www.find14u.co.uk/A1autos/client ... 0_2038.JPG Current car, probably paid over the odds for it by a margin, but it has been rock solid so far - leaving me free to save up for a 350z, in the not too distant future...
  7. Walbertonio

    Car Specifications

    Aye very true, will have to see what options I can find locally, thanks!
  8. Walbertonio

    Car Specifications

    Apologies for dragging this post up again, but I wonder if anyone could help with a little query? Looking ahead, I'm trying to work out if I could get a 350 into my back yard which has a fairly steep ramp (don't have dimensions to hand, sorry, will grab 'em tomorrow). I've found measurements for wheelbase (2650mm) but the only hint on standard spec ride height I found from searching was 108mm in NZ - are UK cars the same or different, does anyone know, as a post from searching seemed to hint that 350's sold in Australia had a different ride height? Is this the right measurement I should be looking for? I understand it might be the oil pan which is the absolute lowest point on the underside? Our back lane is a little on the narrow side, and while we can fit a Focus & A4 in there fine, I'm having some doubts the rear end will clear the ramp on the turn, and of course if the underside behind the front wheels will clear it too. Any help with those measurements appreciated.