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  1. FFS not going to make it this year Stew .. we fly out to Italy that day on holiday ... my consolation will be going to the Italian GP at Monza the following Sunday !. Hope you all have a great weekend
  2. Just drove past my office in Westhill heading East towards Aberdeen. Looked like an Irish plate ALZ **** or AJZ **** or similar
  3. Oh deffo... He has got to be on my bus as he is wearing a belt just like mine! ... or maybe you're straight Markie and don't realise it yet ?!?!
  4. Neil , I doubt you'll need all those goodies with you Give the car a proper clean the night before and I'm sure there will be a selection of quick detailers ( like Red Mist ) for you to give it a once over on the stand. I have a Red Mist , Meguiars and Werkstat quick detailing spray that I'll be taking so there will be plenty of go around
  5. Welcome Those wee niggles are easily fixed so nothing to worry about
  6. JT1703

    My matt orange zed

    Let me know how it's looking then Car will be ready tomorrow but I can't get away from work so have taken the day off on Thursday to go back down for it
  7. JT1703

    My matt orange zed

    Was speaking to one of guys doing urs, he stays near me, he was saying it's looking good! That's what I like to hear , cheers Neil
  8. JT1703

    My matt orange zed

    Having seen the car in the flesh on Saturday morning ( even before Jay had seen it ) I can confirm that it is even more orange in real life than on the pics ... honestly !! Looks stunning though and the guys did a great job with the wrapping. Mine will be ready tomorrow I'm going for something a little more conseravtive ( or should that be Conservative / Lib Dem' !? ) and more suited to my advancing years !
  9. Nothing major planned for June or July. I have my Brothers stagger on 7th August and probably going on holiday for a couple of weeks in mid / late August. The Hoon at some point as well but apart from that I'm prettty much flexible with whatever suits the majority
  10. FFS why do people say "brought" instead of "bought" ????
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