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  1. Cheers guys, The megane was not to bad mate, but being French says it all, Driveshafts were constantly going and as each day goes on there are more and more rattles to be heard. As for performance I cant fault it handling it was like a go-kart and stuck to the road like glue.
  2. Its been a long time since ive been back on here guys. But I think the time has come once again to be another owner of a Zed. Will be getting rid of the megane sport at some point soon so I can once again be a proud owner!!!
  3. this is still for sale guys. sorry i have not been on for a while.
  4. This is where it came from http://www.uvworldwide.co.uk/nissan-350 ... -1636.html please have a look. £110 for a quick sale
  5. Got a nismo style v1 for sale mate. Check my post on for sale section.
  6. Sorry Woody these were sold last week. Regards, Jason Mods can you lock this
  7. There are not to bad mate, Ask zmanalex he will help you out but you will need to drill the holes to bolt too. There is pre marked holes as an guide. Jason
  8. Sad sad news. R I P Ian My condolences go out to both families and friends.
  9. Got door handles for sale. No use to me know as I have sold my z. These would be ideal for painting of wrapping. Looking for around £50 o.v.n.o +p&p
  10. Just clearing the final few last parts which I bought for my z. Which I no longer have. This is a nismo style v1 front bumper which I purchased off of zmanalex. The bumper has been sanded down and ready for a prime and then paint. Also comes with the black mesh to go behind the grill. Looking for around £130 o.v.n.o pick up only unless you wish to arrange a courier yourself. I am based in Inverurie near Aberdeen.
  11. I could do mate but will that not put up my premium.
  12. Anyone upgraded there old iphone to an iphone 4 or has a damaged Iphone 3gs (no water damage tho) and want to get rid of it. The reason being My Iphone got crushed by a taxi last weekend and I am not covered by insurance although I thought I was. its going to cost me £240 on a replacement screen & glass bezzel back cover, couple of buttons and a harness. If anyone fancies helping out an ex Z owner please give me a shout.





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