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Help if possible. Erratic idle/misfire.


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Hi guys,


I have recently had an absolute nightmare with my Z, it has developed an erratic idle/misfire that comes and goes, but seems to clear if you give the car a good blast. I have changed plugs so far, which made a small difference, but it still seems to come back, I'm thinking coil packs next, but I am a bit concerned that when I changed the plugs, there was oil in two of the plug wells, cam gasket, or even worse head gasket? Any help or advice would really be appreciated, it's starting to get really annoying.

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Cam cover gaskets are quite common to fail.


Erratic idle will be a process of elimination if the car isn't throwing an EML but a good diagnostic as Graham said will help.


Ideally when it's idling erratically you want to pull each coil pack in turn.....if he engine idles worse then it's a good coil. If there is no change then you may have found your dodgy coil.

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Re the oil in your spark plug wells, check out this recent thread.


I've just found the same thing in cyl 6 and having done some reading it's a common problem with DE engines. I've decided to go for the grommet repair kit from Adrian at Torqen rather than a more expensive cam cover - £139 will repair up to all 6 spark plug chamber grommets.


Good luck,


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