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Don't rely on Google Maps Address!

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Hi All,


I visited Kaizer last week for a P3, my car didn't really need a P3 but after loosing all faith in Nissan I thought it would be better to go for a P3 at the same time as loosing my FNSH. I'm very happy with the service just like everyone else on here so I won't go in to too much detail there.


However, if you're looking for the Kaizer's address, do not rely on Google Maps to provide it! I'm at work so can't upload to photobucket (maybe someone else could do that and I'll upload this post?), but the first address for Kaizer that google maps lists (it includes the website url) takes you here:




Which at 11:30am has guys sitting on the corners drinking beer and making you feel like you're going to be car jacked! Actually they seemed farily pleasant and did say "nice car mate" as I drove down the road with the roof down desperately trying to find some form of weapon under my seat!


The correct address is on Kaizer's website and takes you here, second black door on the right:





NOTE: That top image may lose the "Kaizer Motor" pin at some point as I reported it to google so a photoshop upload would be good.



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Hey it looks like they've corrected it already! That's pretty impressive!


Although I did give them the Streetview above showing the actual front door... and now Kaizer Motor is a fence! At least it's a fence just behind the building now instead of a slum 9 miles away.




Actually, that's not too bad, it's now Kaizer's back door. :blush:

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First time I went there I used Sly's turn by turn guide and website pics:




Then just remembered on next visits to look out for the power station :lol:


Damn, all that effort to take the photos and I just jumped in the car, googled the address (bad google!) and sat nav'd the place... it could've ended up worse I guess.

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