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370z GTR button swap DIY


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Hey everyone, so after having my girly hands mocked in my previous thread (Vaseline Cocoa butter is the key by the way), I took it upon myself to install my shiny red push button.


There are a few DIY guides over on the370z.com most of which tell you to take the centre console to bits. Thankfully there is one that shows you the easy option which I used.


I thought I'd post up a quick DIY of my own though just to highlight a couple of small niggles I came across to help anyone else avoid them in the future.


Firstly, I got a small plastic pry and stuck it beneath the corner of the button (beneath the black plastic ring),




Popped the button forward...it took a little bit more force than I was expecting. It will click out and will look like this.




Then unclip the little brown harness thing (no idea what it's called) by pressing down the tab, again this took a bit of force to pull them apart.




Next came the part that took me a wee while to sort. You need to remove the old button from the grey and black surround....on first impressions this looked incredibly straight forward....just press the 2 tabs at the side in and press the button out. I still can't believe how stiff this was. I ended up pressing the 2 tabs in, held the top of the surround with a finger and then pressed the bottom of the button up. Retrospectively, it probably would have been easier to have used a flat surface to press it up with. Make sure you press the existing button UP out of the surround.






Anyway, then you just press the new button in to place, plug the harness back in and bang you're done.









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