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Uprev price clarification for 350 and 370Z

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Second time a trader has done the exact same post. :lol:


Agree with Paul from TDI we Abbey had a load I emails saying why are we so expensive we a Uprev remap is someone is only charging £200-00 for a Uprev remap.


There isn't a lot of profit in the Uprev deal as we all have expensive DYNO room set up's and the license isn't very cheap from Uprev that allows us to tune the ECU's


If you want to get your car tuned else where you can buy a cable/license and get a local tuner to tune your car.


Any questions ask Paul or myself.

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I thought they all knew the up-rev was circa £200 for the license only

and then 3 plus hrs on the machine?

There are enough posts on this.

Whilst healthy competition is good, would you not rather entrust your car to someone that has years of experience

on Nissans and tuning the zed?

The 2 main guys Abbey and AMD have both charged the same and held the price for 3 plus years.

An old saying is you get what you pay for.

You guys can do an independent research.

I don't think money should even enter into this one.

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