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Gallery Fresh Engine Bay Dress Up Bolts

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I found this company last week who look like they make nice Bolt kits:







Unfortunately the resellers listed in there "Where to Buy" list don't seem to sell the products so I've sent them an email asking where I can buy them from. However if they don't respond they list each bolt required for the 350Z DE, HR and even Nismo and have good PDF fitting guides:


DE: http://www.galleryfr...03-06-Guide.pdf

HR: http://www.galleryfr...07-08-Guide.pdf

Nismo: http://www.galleryfr...Nismo-Guide.pdf



You can cross reference the codes in the PDFs on the following page which give each bolts specs:




For example, 8S and 8SW (Washer) are these:




Gallery Type 8S

- Polished Stainless Steel Socket Head (#8S)

- CNC Aluminum Washer (#8SW)

- Thread Pitch (8mm-1.25)

- M8 (12mm Hex Head) Replacement

- Commonly Replaces: Fender, Suspension, Hood, Bumper



I'll update this post if I get a response or if I find a supplier who can do similar bolts using the above info. Maybe others would like to order if I'm getting them from the US to reduce postage.



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This is what I've got from ProBolt, maybe it helps:


Thanks, I think the HR set is slightly different though, Ian found some measurements I believe... I've PMed him. :thumbs:

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Gallery were pretty good quality, if not a little expensive. The strut bar ones rusted easily though.


I got mine through mynismo.com, think they came in around £100 delivered but thats going back quite a few years

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