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2013 Alpine Road Trip *Pic heavy*


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Excelent post... The Swiss passes are excelent, Grimsel and Middle Furka more so, no no, all of them... The old St Gothards with the cobbles and bad surface is good for a laugh (and squeaky bum moments)...


Seeing that mix of supercars on display is just one of the great things Eurotrip can bring up, things like that makes the day...

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Brilliant write up, really enjoyed the read. I see your in Bracknell , I'm just down the A30 in Camberley :)


We are hoping to do something like this in August this year. Trying to work in the Belgium F1 at spa too (August bank holiday weekend)


Do you have any plans for your trip this year yet?


Thanks for taking the time to post, made me think I just need to book the train etc and go for it :)



Ps I used to have an SMG2 M3. It also did the gearbox thing...in the lion enclosure at longleat !! Lol!



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Thanks chaps - it was a brilliant trip.


This year we're planning on doing something slightly different - car ferry to Bilbao, east to Barcalona, North through the Pyrenees, east along the south coast of France, through Monaco, through the alps up to Germany, then Autobahns and Black Forest up to Nurbergring / Spa before heading home via the train.


This year, the RX8 driver will have a working car (he still enjoyed last year, but not to its full potential), the Elise will be upgraded to a Supercharged Evora, my Zed will have a few small upgrades (hfc, k&n panel filters, remap, brakes), and we might bring another car or two along as well.


To anybody 'thinking' about it - just do it. Book some time off work, go on google maps, find all the wiggly roads you can, and get over there. Excellent driving, scenery, food, people, you name it...


There are loads of Zeds around Reading and surrounding area it seems - I never manage to spot any out and about though!


Wouldn't fancy breaking down where you did! lol - think I'll stick with my Jap reliability!

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Wow that does sound epic. Our plan at the moment is across to Amsterdam, couple of nights there, down to Brussels, couple of nights there (f1 in spa) then carry on down, but not sure where yet.


I'm fairly limited on picking because the 350z is actually my mrs car, so it's one of those " 50/50" decisions...lol



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Erm, ok, I got one... Ebay a couple of folding bicycles or arrange a normal one through your hotel / B&B as you have just no idea how chocca Spa is... Serious, you cant get near it for miles and its gridlock... Try staying somewhere like Robertville (Malmedy is expensive and used by the teams), and cycle to the track, its ten miles thereabouts...


The Ring will be busy as well a week either side as Spa is so close to it, you just get more track closures but its still worth the trip too as just stalking the parking lot to see the other cars on show and talking to other Ringers is a cool day as well...


Oh and wet gear... Take wet gear...

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