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Wanted - 350Z (Pre 2006)

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Hi all. After owning a lot of 205 GTi's and RS 172's and now a Civic Type R (EP3) I think it's time for a change to something quite different and the 350Z ticks all the boxes for me.


I won't ask all the standard newbie questions and will spend some time on this forum before buying, but I'll be on the lookout for a good nick 350Z in the coming months.


Price wise up to £6k - (if anyone's after a PX deal with a tidy preface EP3 give me a shout) - so ideally a 2003/2004.


Colour wise I'm not overly fussy but prefer the dark grey/orange/blue. Rays wheels are much preferred, not into the 6 spokes the non GT's come with.


Sub 90k cars too please and FSH. Light breathing/suspension mods always a bonus too :)


Maybe I'm dreaming a bit, I'm sure in true forum style someone will let me know if so! (I have been a member of Cliosport.net - it's like a catfight on that site).


Cheers! Looking forward to V6 burble!

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Welcome! I reckon you could get what you want for 6k.


Some people post threads like under 50k, only black, GT Spec, 6 grand...which ain't going to happen!


Good luck :)



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Not seen you on the forums bud, but I don't spend too much time on there except for the parts for sale section.


yeah some guy at the Ring suggested I might miss the thrashy nature of the VTEC engine, but just think i'm a bit old for a lowered Civic Type R now (33) and I don't use a car to commute so 20mpg isn't as big an issue as it should be.


But most of all I need that V6 soundtrack!! R32 Golfs sound amazing but my brother already has one.

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