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19" Rays TE37 - ET22 - Mercury Silver - 275/245 Goodyear Eagle F1 Tyres


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All, my car has to go so returning it to standard. Looking for a set of Standard 18" Rays and legal tyres plus £1250 to swap with my TE37s. Need either the stds sent to me first, then I will send the TE37s or we can meet to swap. I'm based in Glasgow.


2 x 10.5" ET22 (one has a slight rash mark on the rim about 2 inch)

2 x 9.5 ET22

2 x 275/30-19 Goodyear Eagle F1 (reasonable tread)

2 x 245/35-19 Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetrical 2 (good tread)

Black Rays Engineering and Volk Racing Stickers

Rays Valves - Black

RAYS / Volk Racing GT Centre Cap - High Type - Custom Anodised Black

RAYS Durlock Duralumin Lock Nuts Set x 20 with 4 looking nuts - Black

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Don't know if it would be of interest but I have a set of old wheels, not rays but the more rounded edge ones, with completely legal tyres sitting in my mates garage in Calderbank which is not far from Glasgow. You could have them for a nominal fee then you would have yours available to sell.


Have you sold your car already? Or how much you looking for it?

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