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  1. I like these.. What are the weights of the 18" 8.5j? Also.. Are there any examples vehicles with these on?
  2. Hey mate, How much would you sell JUST the front brembo calipers for? Oh and Merry Christmas!
  3. All sold! Please lock this thread! Merry Christmas Y'All!
  4. BUMP - £70 delivered. Go on.. Treat your zed..
  5. Apologies I forgot to check up on this post! Yeah I bought them from Zman, and wanted to pass on for the same price. Don't know what a guarantee would do for sealed items? Anyway, I appreciate the comments! PRICE DROP £70 delivered!
  6. TorqueGT have a good reputation when it comes to importing cars. The seller themselves are reputable - maybe worth dropping them a message, I'm sure they are helpful. I'm sure it's these guys: http://www.torque-gt.co.uk/
  7. Oh price includes post and packaging - tracked
  8. Hello all, I am now selling some fluids that I no longer need due to not having a 350z. Previously bought from ZManalex for £85 for the whole lot. 2 Litres of differential oil 3 Litres of gearbox oil 65mm of Molyslip (proper stuff recommended by Zmanalex) Price still £85 as they are still brand new and unopened. Kind regards, Raj
  9. Sold! Thanks for the interest mate.
  10. Hi guys, Depressed as I type this as I have sold the Z. I have the spacers remaining. Bought in October 2012, and taken off in May 2013. Still in original box, with CD etc http://img585.images...5/5884/42o8.jpg Selling them for £140 + P&P
  11. Car has just sold... :'( Moderators.. Please lock the thread *sniff* *sniff*
  12. Just to clarify a few points that members have asked about. May as well make it public for other potential buyers: Q: Is it HPI clear from outstanding finance and previous accident damage or did the hail make it a CAT C/D? A: The car has been HPI clear of any previous finance, and the damage has not exceeded the value of the car. The car is NOT a cat C, or a D. You are more than welcome to carry out a HPI check - they don't cost much. The dents are minor, and has not cracked the paint, and can be removed through the use of paintless dent removal companies. Q: What colour is the interior? A: The interior is Alezan (orange) leather Q: Is it a full UK GT spec car? A: Yes, from the UK - registered in December 2004 from what I remember. Q: Where are you located? A: I am based in the east midlands - from Loughborough Q: How bad are the hail stone dents? A: It is difficult to truly show how bad the dents are through photos, as it is difficult to look at the overall picture. HOWEVER, here is a photo: I shall upload some more photos of the dents shortly - I will only take photos of the worst ones, just so everyone can understand worst case scenario.
  13. Oh and for those wondering about paperwork:





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