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Thanks for the welcome and comments guys!


The S2000 was fantastic, and superb to drive. I just wanted something newer and more suitable as a daily driver.


I am loving the 350 though!


One question i had, my car is a 2006 but doesn't have the LED rear lights, so i'm guessing it's not a facelift with slightly more power? In which case it is either a pre-facelift or someone has swopped the rear lights for the earlier versions - the LED lights being highly prized


It does fall into the high tax band though? Then it is a facelift


I thought 2006 car had a slight facelift and a bit more power. It does - 296bhp compared to 276bhp

Here is an internal pic of my previous 2006 facelift - note the hazard warning light switch position in front of the gearlever as a quick and reliable reference even if trim bits have been swapped. (The phone holder is non-standard)






Thanks for the reply, however my interior is different. My hazard switch is not in front of the gearstick it's behind. And i have a silver ring around the gear stick.


So i think mine is a pre-facelift.


It's still in the hight tax bracket though which is annoying!!

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