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  1. http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/66311-flyboy-mirror-auto-fold-module-10-more-in-stock/
  2. No, it's just a set fee, £14.99 for 30 days listing if you put it as a classified add, there is no bidding or buy it now option, it's just ad advert. Worth it for £15
  3. I put mine on eBay too as a classified advert. Worth a shot
  4. It was a little less than I would have liked but given the time of year I was pleased. I have also sold all my mods on the forum so got quite a bit back that way. So overall happy it's sold, but sad it's gone!
  5. Hi mate, I'm currently trying to sell my Z, so I feel your pain when it comes to selling time, you might be interested if your looking at 2002/2003 cars for 7K... Mine is a 2006 with 48K on it and I have reduced it down to £6995 to try and sell before xmas. And it's in excellent condition. It's breaking my heart that I even have to sell it, but I am losing so much money on it too :-( Its just a kick in the teeth. Anyway, a here is the advert: http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/77053-standard-2006-nissan-350z-manual-48k-silver-6995-advert-updated-141113/ Give me a shout if it's of interest to you :-)
  6. Sold (pending payment) to Hughesie90 Paul350z - I will message you if it falls through. thanks
  7. Thanks mate. Yep it's currently locked away in the garage, got 2 weeks left on autotrader and if it doesn't sell I will leave it until next year and re-advertise. Hope it sells soon!
  8. D8NMT

    Zed wanted

    Mine is up for sale, although I think you may have already commented on my advert. Not quite the spec you are looking for but worth keeping in mind!
  9. Hi, I've had a bit of interest but nothing concrete. I'm really surprised too, especially since I dropped the price too! It's a really nice example, someone is going to get a bargain!
  10. Just wanted to update this thread, i've now put the car back to standard. It is still for sale and I've reduced the price down to £6995.
  11. Hi mate, I'll be selling the bungs with the system i'm afraid as I assume whoever buys it will want them! I will however pass on your username to the buyer in case they wish to sell them. Thanks
  12. Sold pending payment to Glenn-350. Zhorno you are next on the list if it doesn't go through.





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