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SLIP Warning Light


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I have recently become the proud owner of an 03 350z and am in the process of trying to address the various niggling issues that seem to come with owning a 2nd hand older car.


I have driven it now on 3 journeys with an approx total of 50 miles. Each time I have been out the SLIP warning light has come on when on a dual carriageway going around bends between 30-50mph. When this happens I can't accelerate and the light is on between 1-5 seconds. Is this just a feature of the car or is it likely to be a problem that the garage needs to sort out?


The car has a TCS switch but not VDC, is it a case of having one or the other or should it have both. There is a switch to the right of the TCS switch but so far I can't work out what it's for.


When driving on single lane roads up to speeds of 60 mph it drives like a dream so I'm a little confused.


I have tried the search function a couple of times to save me asking the obvious but couldn't really find anything of real relevance, so if this is a common question, I do apologise.




On a rather jovial note, when I'd driven the car back from the seller's home 25 miles away, it bottomed out 15 feet from my drive on a somewhat dirt track/unadopted road. Have since had the offending hump dug up and removed!



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Start with obvious checks.


Tyres makes, sizes and pressures all round?


Thanks for the reply, I have just had some Avons 265/30 put on the back and the front has Kumho's 235/35. The tyre place supposedly sorted the pressures out, for reference is 32psi all round about right? I haven't checked the pressures but will do. :thumbs:

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Those 2 mentioned things are the usual culrits, wrong wheel / tyre profiles and or pressures and lack of brake fluid...


Hope you get it sorted matey :thumbs: the fact it is mostly round corners make me think it is brake fluid as maybe it is triggering a sensor or suchlike

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is your Zed UK or JDM.


different buttons/options on JDM zed compared to UK zeds.



First thing to check it brake fluid level.


secondly you mention tyre sizes but not wheel size. If your on 18's (standard) then your tyres are wrong. Also psi should be 35

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As above check brake fluid level, even if it's above the Min level, top it right up to the Max.


I had the same problem, was being caused by the fluid dipping below min during 'spirited' driving.


No issues since, and that was 2 years ago! :thumbs:

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Hi Guys,


Mini update so far, the car has been in the garage and diagnosis is wrong size rear tyres. Have spoken to the tyre place who put the Avons on 8 miles ago and they basically said 'tough'...there's nothing they can do apart from charge me for 2 new tyres as the ones they put on are effectively 2nd hand now!


I wouldn't mind but when I went for tyres I asked if they could put bigger diameter tyres on and they fobbed me off with the wrong size!


Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I just wish it hadn't taken me 26 years to finally understand tyre sizes :blush: (not that I'd ever tried to understand)


Have just ordered 2 more tyres 265/35 r19 to replace the 265/30 r19 so hopefully this will cure the SLIP message.


it's a JDM by the way.


Thanks for all your help and opinions...fantastic :thumbs:

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