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  1. I was in a Jeep SRT Owners Club until they all started posting sh1t like this on there once the lockdown started. I gave them a colourful piece of my mind and left. Surprised that the kind of person that gets one of those has a mental age of 12 but you live and learn. Super glad this place is different.
  2. Hi guys, I've been a member here for a super long time and I find myself coming here a lot less frequently now, but I put out a video this morning on YouTube that I thought people might find useful. I know a lot of people are struggling financially, many are furloughed, had to take huge pay cuts or lost their livelihoods. I've made money online for a few years now through a few different avenues - some of my blogs are doing very well and I wanted to share a few thoughts with anybody who wants to find out what you can do. If you're looking for ways to earn money and get
  3. I've still got mine! Been over 10 years now!!! Got a little too much sentimental value - been to about 40 different countries together covering over 200k miles! :))) Not my daily driver for about 3 years now, but still love it to bits!
  4. If anyone has any recommendations/suggestions/questions, would love to hear! Just in case it was too far down in the first post, we have cheaper hotel prices than Booking.com or Hotels.com on average.
  5. Hi all, Today is a super exciting day over at LazyTrips... We have just launched our new hotel booking engine. You can check it out at https://lazytrips.com The design and user journey has been completely redone from the ground up. We quite like it - any thoughts and feedback is super welcome! We know there are a few things that we need to improve/fix/speed up - there is a whole list of these that we are working through, but it should be pretty good regardless If you are planning your summer trips, I would really appreciate it if you could take a look
  6. Good point - we are working on something like this, but not sure it'll be here in time for summer trip planning. We actually have some seriously cool booking tools in final development stages - will be releasing these in the next week or so. Then we're back to developing our trip planner which is a big rework of something that we released before but was not quite good enough - this time it will be really epic!
  7. In case anybody is shopping for holidays next year, LazyTrips is currently running on promotional rates which mean that our hotels are typically cheaper than the major online booking websites. We're running promotional pricing today and might extend this for another week or two before putting them back to normal levels. Take a look! Some seriously good deals to be had! https://lazytrips.com
  8. We're adding stuff as fast as we can. Nothing in North America at this stage - focusing on Europe at the moment! Will be adding other locations in due course. Have to prioritise when you start from scratch!
  9. Hi all, I would like to announce LazyTrips as a trader on 350z-uk and tell you a little about what we do and why we do it! Our website is: https://lazytrips.com Cheap hotel prices: https://lazytrips.com/hotels (currently in beta with promotional rates) Some of you may know that I have a personal passion for road trips and travel off the beaten track. Over the years, I have explored a lot of countries including some amazing trips in the 350z. In fact I have driven the zed to places like Bosnia, Kosovo and Albania, Poland, Belarus and Russia as well as most of c
  10. Thank you everyone! Been a crazy busy period - was on the road until yesterday! Will be posting an intro post and properly introducing people to our site and what we are doing shortly. We have recently made a lot of changes and simplified some bits. This means we removed some really cool functionality (trip planner) which will be making a return in the next few months to add to other tools! Stay tuned!
  11. And on that huge disappointment, will be phoning around local garages instead. Sounds like none of the garages here could help.
  12. Thanks guys - will drop Tarmac a note. Didn’t know they do work as well as sell stuff! Davey - I hear what you’re saying, but want everything fixed in one go on this one - can source parts quickly once issues are identified.
  13. No takers? Anybody know any decent garages in the East Midlands I can contact? I presume well known places here would take a day just to pick the car up. Already spoken to Cougar Store - they’re sounding crazy busy so anyother suggestions welcome.
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