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  1. That button on the end that you can't figure out what it does... That'll be your headlight washer spray button
  2. Levi

    Admiral renewal

    I used to be with Admiral, but the renewal this year was just too much to swallow. Shopped around, tried Adrian Flux after a recommendation and they turned out cheaper by far, and added bonus that they don't have any problem with mods. Admiral are okay with mods to a point, credit where credits due, but at too high a cost now. Give Adrian Flux a go
  3. No, there's a few mods on there too - but I don't have the power figures pre-mods: Cosworth inlet manifold; HKS racing suction kit; HKS exhaust.
  4. Thanks for the link - plenty to go through there! So I've found the boofsquire, which isn't available anymore, is a highland part - will look more into this tomorrow. I don't want to have to remove forks/bars and I really don't want to squeeze the bike inside the car - especially not with the mud my local trails cover me in. At least I've got some more things to look into, thanks all
  5. Revup - early 2007. There's a chance the gains are so high due to a few prior mods with no remap bringing the power down to the 277 I started at this morning. I don't know what the numbers were before the mods. I'll always wonder, but there's no way of knowing now!
  6. For those out there like me who spend forever reading this forum, trying to find every bit of info and opinion related to each zed related decision, I thought I'd just add one in for the search button to pick out for you: After figuring out what I needed and where could do it, I decided a trip to leeds was in order to have a remap with Uprev (if that's the correct terminology - still not 100% sure!). I turned up early and the guys got straight on with the job, everything was clearly explained along the way as I watched my 277bhp move up to 305 about a 30ftlb increase in torque too I'd recommend the trip to anyone who's considering it - service is spot on, excellent knowledge, car feels better right throughout the full rev range now - well happy
  7. I've been lurking here for a month or so, so I guess it's about time I got round to asking a question that's been bugging me: Are their any mountain bikers on here (or roadies)? If so, has anyone found a good way to transport their bike on their zed?
  8. Levi

    Air Con

    +1 It's a common feature on most cars that the air-conditioning is automatically switched on when the directional controls are set to windscreen in order to prevent fogging.
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