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  1. Brilliant service from Mitz, from the guidance on the exhaust (Cobra Middle/Rear and Y pipe) to the delivery and also the product. Anyone that chooses Cougar Store won't be disappointed, based on my wonderful experience.
  2. what was the issue, when i had a similar problem it was wrong size tyres?
  3. As above, i've got an issue with water underneath/back of the drivers seat. Since the warmer weather i haven't had the heater on and the water issue has been solved. Is it possible the heater generates water that could leak into the cabin? For reference, it has still rained recently, so it isn't due to the weather being dry.
  4. Hi Guys, The rubber grommet where the rear wiper enters the boot has perished on my 2002 350Z. Does anyone know the easiest place to sourse one, hopefully I won't have to buy the whole motor unit?
  5. Fuppet

    Drive Belts

    I have been informed by my local garage that I need new drive belts and that they can't source them. Can anybody point me in the right direction as to where I might get them please? 350z 2003 import
  6. the Zed won...yeehaaaa!!
  7. 350z, it's awesome. Unfortunately I feel it's going to have higher repair bills though.
  8. Got an 11 year old 350z which i've spent a fair few quid on and own outright. Also have a GT86 with finance still remaining. I think 1 of them has to go due to a house move....which would you keep?
  9. Thanks for the info. I watched a pair of re-trimmed seats on ebay that someone from here was selling and they went for £500+. I got a price from a re-trimmers of £500 to have mine re-covered. I have seen a pair in very good condition for £400 so assuming I can sell the ones that come out of mine, it will be considerably cheaper than getting re-covered. I also think from a selling point of view, a buyer would prefer 'original' seats.
  10. Due to a rip in my passenger seat that is supposedly unrepairable, I'm going to try and get 'new to me' driver and passenger seats. Does anyone know if all 350z seats are compatible with my 2003 JDM?
  11. I find it a little easier to locate stuff via here than searching myself!
  12. Hi Guys, Mini update so far, the car has been in the garage and diagnosis is wrong size rear tyres. Have spoken to the tyre place who put the Avons on 8 miles ago and they basically said 'tough'...there's nothing they can do apart from charge me for 2 new tyres as the ones they put on are effectively 2nd hand now! I wouldn't mind but when I went for tyres I asked if they could put bigger diameter tyres on and they fobbed me off with the wrong size! Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I just wish it hadn't taken me 26 years to finally understand tyre sizes (not that I'd ever tried to understand) Have just ordered 2 more tyres 265/35 r19 to replace the 265/30 r19 so hopefully this will cure the SLIP message. it's a JDM by the way. Thanks for all your help and opinions...fantastic
  13. Thanks for the reply, I have just had some Avons 265/30 put on the back and the front has Kumho's 235/35. The tyre place supposedly sorted the pressures out, for reference is 32psi all round about right? I haven't checked the pressures but will do.
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