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It's absolutely bloody horrible and I actively avoid forums that have it. It makes everything look untidy and as soon as you flick a mouse over a title it then blocks up half the page and you spend all your time trying to position the cursor in a place where it's not touching anything just so you can read the damn screen. Horrible, irritating design.


If we must have it then please give us the option to turn it off (only run it on the 350 or 370 setting?), but please don't make it compulsory.

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The reason it was dropped is that in order to do it, the page has to read a lot more information from the database when rendering each page. Not only does it have to fetch the title of each thread for the page you are viewing, it will have to fetch the first XX words/characters of each of those threads, and render this into the page.


It would increase the load on the database by a huge ammount, and could/would slow down the site considerably.


In terms of stats, an average month is 0.75 Million pages per month, or one page every 3 seconds 24 hours a day. Given peak time usage, we can sometimes see several pages per second being demanded from the server, so unfortunately a modification like this which requires a lot more info from the database per page will not be possible for now.

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