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  1. Sorry everyone, really dropped the ball on this one. Will get the little rascal moved on pronto.
  2. Yeah he's with me. Been really busy so not had chance to do anything, so may have to send him on to the next destination.
  3. They are sorted now as the 4 of them are able to stay at another B&B but were short of the one night to start with. Thanks for the heads up anyway.
  4. The girl I work with has worked through those. Hey Stew what is it up there as they are all booked up. She is now going to book one in Aberdeen that has a double bed, guys will just have to get cosy. thanks anyway.
  5. Can anybody recommend a B&B close to Newmachar , Aberdeenshire. Needed for 2 men for 1 tomorrow night
  6. Poor scamp is probably going to be bored after all that adventure
  7. Happy Birthday Steve, have a fantastic day
  8. Hi & to the forum. Good to see a Zed with that mileage still going strong.
  9. I'm not sure you could give guidance, more like avoidance





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