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  1. Sorry everyone, really dropped the ball on this one. Will get the little rascal moved on pronto.
  2. Yeah he's with me. Been really busy so not had chance to do anything, so may have to send him on to the next destination.
  3. Poor scamp is probably going to be bored after all that adventure
  4. Some very good looking pics. Love the one in the arch
  5. That looks really good, you just have to do the rest of the door card.
  6. If of any help I have been given info from an electrician I asked about courses. Try looking at JTLTraining.com
  7. I think you know in your own mind that a change needs to happen, though it's a big leap of faith. My eldest son got a job with a company that sent him to college to learn to be an electrician. A cost was deducted from his monthly pay & was to be paid back after 2 years if he completed and passed the course. IRC, in the 1st year he did so many days at college & the rest at work. Unfortunately he was made redundant in the 2nd year but carried on with the course. After a short time he was put forward for an interview with a company that was looking for someone who was part way to being trained. He got the job, finished his course and became a maintenance electrician. He learnt how to operate & programme Siemens control systems as well, all of which eventually led to him moving to live & work in America. As you can see from his story there are all sorts of oppurtunites that can come your way when you have a trade that is sort after. So go for it, it's your life & future that you are talking about after all.
  8. Drove my Zed daily every winter for the last 7 years without a problem. The old adage "drive to the conditions", whatever they be, has always been my way. Smooth & gentle and you shouldn't go wrong, but always allow room for the idiots.
  9. I'm up for it but he might get a bit bored.
  10. When I first joined the forum I had never been on one in my life. I posted in the chat room, that was part of the site at the time, & when nothing happened realised that I would have to do it somewhere else. Posted my introduction in JDM, again because I didn't understand how it all worked. Now I am not an idiot/muppett or lazy, just somebody who needed to find his way around the site. I didn't ask any questions at the time, as I didn't have any, but fully understand those that do who expect enthusiasts to be keen to answer them. Some ask, having said they have tried to find the answers by using the Search button, but have been unable to find what they want. I still find the Search difficult to use, probably because I use it very infrequently. My ethos is, if I don't know the answer or it has been asked loads of times, then I don't post. Quite often somebody being helpful, or with an interest in the topic, will provide an answer. That to me is what this forum is about and do not see any need to bad mouth anybody. Just my opinion of course.
  11. What cleaning products should I buy to clean/detail my Zed? PM Tim at Envy
  12. This is going to be another project/build to watch, bring it on
  13. This is going to be another project/build to watch, bring it on



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