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400BHP Super Drift Spec Supercharged 350Z!!!!!!


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Right, didn't expect this to happen but I plan on making a big automotive life changing decision!


Ive decided to venture into a different kind of motorsport so unfortunately, without question the best drift car I have ever driven is up for sale...






Taxed till 31/07/11

MOT till April 2012

Mileage - 40,000 km/miles (covered about 30k km's from Japan)

No service history from Japan, car was imported in '09. However I have Changed the oil after every drift event and the diff oil every few months, also currently has fresh gearbox oil and coolant.




3495cc VQ35DE

Stillen Stage 4 Supercharger Kit

JWT induction Kit

Custom single exit full stainless exhaust

Japspeed Y pipe

NGK 2 grade colder sparks

Walbro 255lph fuel pump

Nismo thermostatic oil cooler






XTD Light weight flywheel

Exedy Stage 2 paddle clutch

Tomei Traxx Advance 2 way diff

Tomei 3.9 final drive gearset

Rebuilt gearbox with less than 2000 miles on (about 9 months warranty left on it)










DW CS2 Coilovers

Kinetix Upper Front Camber Arms

Kinetix Rear camber arms

Kinetix Rear toe arms

Super Pro compression arm bushes

Custom front strut brace











Stillen fiberglass bonnet cowl

EP Racing carbon fibre rear hatch

Rota SVN 18x10 et.30 all round in Satin Black

25mm hubcentric spacers front and rear

S2000 Stubby aerial

Custom rear bumper tuck

Black style headlights

















DW Suzuka drivers seat (still have standard drivers seat)

Bride super low seat mounts

Nardi red corn dished steering wheel

Snap off wheel boss

Crystal gearknob

DW Handbrake button




Like I said this is the best drift car I've owned by miles, and Ive had a few :nod:

Supercharger gives awesome power delivery, has enough poke to light up 265's in 4th, totally different to a turbo and for good reasons IMO. Was able to use 4th on the limiter at Santa Pod on a hot dry day!

Modern chassis makes a huge difference. So much grip the way you want it, was able to keep up, even catch up, to pro drivers at the pod pretty easily :D


Can't really praise the car enough, if you don't buy it for how awesome it drifts then at least buy it for the noise it makes!


So far it has served me as an excellent daily drifter, however add a cage and other competition parts and it could easily be a pretty competative car. Or keep it as a daily, it costs me 700 a year to insure fully comp and returns 30mpg average!


Only bad points are, as you'd expect from drifting - minor cone scrapes and rubber, could probably T-cut it all out easily enough I just havent had a chance. There is some damage to the rear drivers quater which I will be sorting this month along with all the other minor bits. See pics, its nothing major at all... but if someone wants to buy the car prior to this ill knock off £500






Build thread is Here so you can see the life its lead since my ownership since September last year.


Will get more recent pics over the weekend.


So business time....


£9500 come and take the car away now

£10000 bodywork will be all spic' and span' and alignment re-done within the next month.


I don't feel like I have to justify the price, it owes me nearly double that anyway!


Feel free to call me on PM with any questions, I am a trusted, open and honest seller on here :p




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Me and a mate are going to set up a rally team and go a bit serious!


So would be up for a swap or px on a serious 4WD rally car with MSA log book, or px up to 5k for a decent daily driver :thumbs:

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