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Custom made LED Reflectors NOW INCL INDICATORS

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Cheers for the comments guys... much appreciated.


Right, im going to PM the mods now to see what the protocol should be with regards to selling these... once i hear back, i'll start a new thread where people can get their names down.


How do you wire them in? Separate switch or into the lights?


John, they need to be wired into your existing lights. This is as simple as stripping the wire back a bit, wrapping the new wires round, and taping them up. Very secure. :thumbs:


i had the issue of sourcing amber LED's, ive had to order some batches of 10 from various places untill i find one i like and then buy a huge batch of them


In the daylight they looked a bit red, but at night im much more happy with them. They are a little darker than the existing indicators, but still orange.


i have posted twice and not showing either....strange


What I said was - I am not happy with mine - they are too 'blue'. I like yours Chris - do I get a free set cos I helped with prototype :teeth::teeth::teeth:


We can come to an arrangement if you want a set bud, PM me if you're interested. Not for free though as 5 hours each set is a lot of effort!! :lol:

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Am I right in thinking that the white leds act as day time running lights in that you don't need the headlights to be on? If so, VERY interested!


The way i intend these to be installed is to tap into your existing sidelight source (i.e. the lights that are activated with the first setting on the stalk), and then remove those bulbs fromt the headlights, so you can have these lights on and nothing else.


Will speak to mods about selling tonight, so watch this space this evening. :)

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