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HID replacements


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Hey chaps.


Firstly, does anyone know what's up with the search function. It never seems to be that useful, or intelligent? :(


I've got a 06 facelift, and was wondering if there's a way to upgrade the HID system in there. Possibly for brighter lights, higher output bulbs?

Can't seem to find much info on the forum. I few topics on lights, but search only seems to throw up chat on conversions and pre 06 cars.


Can anyone shed any light on this for me. Indeed, if I was to at least need replacement bulbs what should I look for on autobulbs direct or similar?



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Go to advanced search so it sorts py topics (instead of posts) and use the word AND in between your search terms. Lastly, i dont think it will let you search for words shorter than 3 letters.


Search 'Headlight AND brighter' for example.


Anyway as an upgrade, maybe change the colour intensity to a whiter colour, or your other option is to manually adjust the light pattern of the headlight i.e. raise them up a bit - but not too much else you'll fail your MOT.

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The 'upgrade' xenon lights emit a whiter light, but not a brighter light; you actually see less with them.


As has been mentioned, you can change the aim a bit.


You could upgrade to MY07 Bi-Xenon lamps, but this is very expensive (hundreds).


You could upgrade the halogen main beam to a brighter bulb (eg by Osram/Phillips).

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