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Repair Garage North East


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looks like my valve stem oil seals are needing changing. Can anyone recommend a decent garage who are experienced on the 350z in the North East (Falcon can’t take further work on for 9 months)

Thanks in anticipation

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Cheers young mam, as it happens I’ve just discovered them and will be popping along to get a price. Thanks for your post though👍

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Been ill so haven’t been able to get along yet but will do as soon as I can.

I've had a quote from them which seems fine but need to ask a few questions first.

By the way I was advised to try Lucas Engine stop Leak to soften the seals a little. Will report back when that’s done

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Just as a side note. I’ve used Vic Young in South Shields since 2004 to look after my car and I’ve never been disappointed, they have also quoted for my work. In fact they look after my wife’s car and my daughters and her partners who live in Durham and use Vic Youngs free pick up and drop off at your home service. 
if you contact them just mention Dick Hogg to the service manager Stuart Bedlington 

0191 427 1566

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