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I have a 2011 Roadster with a 15mm cut in the fabric and a very small bit of stitching damage on a seam (see pics). No leaks.

The roof works fine and the top is in good condition with no stains or wear and tear. Wishful thinking I expect but I think it’s probably been refurbed at some point.

Any advice please on repairing it? I don’t know how to get under the fabric to fix it that way. I thought maybe mask it tight and put some sealant in the damaged threads.






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With the rip I would try and part both sides get a small paint brush and force a small amount of contact adhesive in and wait till 50% dry and force it down .

Loose ends Stanley knife blade and cut loose ends carefully. I've had my roof in bits not advisable lots of pictures and lots of time

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I have a 2011 roadster and had the cuts in exactly the same place a few years ago. I repaired it with a product called stormsure. I’m not sure what caused it but I had to replace the second bow as the hinge casting sheared off not sure if this was the issue. 



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