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  1. If you want to have an better understanding of how the roof works there are some very good videos on tophydraulics.com They explain how the system works and how to diy trouble shoot as well. The company can also supply replacement hydraulic cylinders and hoses if you have an issue. The only negative side is they are based in the USA. Look on the DIY section for videos. There is also a company based in Chester called Hoodtech who can resolve softtop problems.
  2. My car is a 60 plate Roadster and VIN No is 0200895 so according to the recall falls in the numbers of the cutoff. Do the Roadsters follow the same VIN number sequence.?
  3. Picked up my car today all working ok. Interestingly the part that has been fitted is part number 48700-1NC1B expected the bill to be over £1000 but was pleasantly surprised to find it came to just over £400.
  4. Car has been off the road now from 11th March. Nissan Customer service advise that the car isn't covered by a recall. Dealer has advised that part will arrive on the 25th April hopefully.
  5. First time on this forum. This weekend the dreaded steering lock failed and the car was dead RAC couldn't figure out the problem so car had to be recovered to Nissan Dealers in Polesworth. Reading all the posts on this subject there was a recall issued number P3208 and refers to cars upto VIN no ending in 0300691. My car is a 60 plate Roadster and VIN No is 0200895 so falls before the recall cutoff. But when I spoke to the dealer they say the car doesn't fall within the recall number. Also the part is on back order and will take 3 weeks to be delivered. Can anyone help with information so tha
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