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15 minute city.... Oxford


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Oxford are planning to carve up their city into sections that have a 15 min walking radius.


To drive through your boundary you need a permit.

Your yearly permit will only allow 100 days cross border travel.


If you live in a household with multiple adult drivers, your house can have a MAXIMUM of 3 permits a year.




First Oxford.


Who knows where it'll end:headhurt:

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Further strains on small businesses ay


Also so instead of driving directly through the filter, you can use more fuel and jump on to the ring road and then back in to the destination. Then back out the long way to go home. 


No doubt if this goes ahead it's a massive pay bonus for an high up executive.


Our company had a policy for a few years called a no travel week every month and pitched as being able to save circa 25% on travel costs. All that ended up happening was travel was scheduled for the other weeks of the month and didn't save a penny.


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This is an old article... pretty sure they've already implemented this.  I keep seeing videos on TikTok of residents revolting, and breaking down barriers to drive through etc.


Its disgusting - how can the council implement something which inconveniences residents to such a degree... i'm not one for rioting, but i'd be going to war if they did this around me!


Edit: here's similar to what i've seen:


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You can tell it was a hit and run scheme as there was no budget for ongoing repairs. No different to Matt Hancock signing off the PCR contact to his mate with a company 6 months old, big time back handers. 

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