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I picked up a guitar for the first time ever during covid and learnt some cool riffs, ignored proper lessons and rubbish like chords and am basically very rubbish, but confidently described myself to the fairer sex as a lead guitarist. That was a cheap Squier Tele, loved it and did some mods (obviously!).




I was having so much fun, I got a bit carried away and bought a Gibson Les Paul Studio...




...but it turns out that much as I have always loved looking at Les Paul's, I've not totally fallen in love with playing one - like I did with the Tele. Which is annoying as it was about ten times the price :bang:


Turns out that buying a better guitar when you can't really play, doesn't instantly make you a better player - who would have known? At least it look gorgeous on the wall 😢


2023 Quarter 1 will be the time I figure out if I can love it, or it ends up for sale and I commit to being a Fender man for the rest of time.

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