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Ebay front wings


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HI guys may need to go for pair of new front wings for my early Z. Been looking on evil bay and there is a big difference in price £60-£120 each and I assume quality varies aswell. Has anyone brought any good fitting wings and if so which ones did you go for?



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Hi Paul,


We can get new genuine Nissan OEM replacements, perfect fitment and quality obviously being OEM. 


LH: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/body-styling/exterior/18702-350z-nissan-oem-front-fender-lh-f3101-cd4ma.html


RH:  https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/body-styling/exterior/18701-350z-nissa n-oem-front-fender-rh-f3100-cd4ma.html


Let me know if you have any questions. 

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PM received and replied to:


This is what I use in the shop, decent metal and decent fit.


Best to give the inside a coat of anti rust so as to get longevity, also you will have to cut out the small rectangular hole for the light fitment.






Or if you prefer OEM then just give Torqen a shout.


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Need both guards myself OE is out of the question as SKINT on disability. My Datsun 350 ZED is new to me I plan on fitting new guards over the winter. Servicable for time being and not dreadfully ugly. I hunted the bay of evil found a pair at £69 each. Unfortunatly seller could not get his courier to deliver to Northern Ireland. SO ON THE HUNT AGAIN found another seller with only one side. Hunted the net euro car parts had only the other side. So bought that delivered to Belfast depot. The other I am waiting on from the evilbay seller, The Ebay one just under £100 delivered the other on came in at just over £100. About £202_ £203 the pair.That I can live with. Will buy a tin of Galvafroid for the insides. I decided to buy now rather than in winter in case these take a price hike. Known to happen.

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