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Return of the Kraken


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Hey everyone.  Had my 370z for almost 2 weeks now and wanted to document its mods and changes and problems I have along the way. 
many support and advice you csn all give me would be great.  Here’s a few pics of how she looked when I bought her.  GT model, pearl white and 60k on the clock. 













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Apologies the pics are upside down.  Doing this on my phone 🙈


wheels fitted and then lowered it on H&R springs.  I didn’t want to go full coil overs as I found the H&R springs really comfortable. 








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36 minutes ago, Willsy1980 said:

Welcome along!

Z is looking great :thumbs:

Would certainly suit some carbon door handles too, look forward to seeing your next tweaks  

I’m liking the sound of carbon door handles. I’ll put it on my list 😁

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Had an issue with the boot popping correctly.  Not wanting to do the penny trick, I ordered a new set of updated springs and removed the weight from the boot.  Pops nice now and don’t have to lift it to get the lock to disengage. 
next step is updated boot struts.  I’d like the kid to open itself without lifting it. 




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2 hours ago, Andy_Muxlow said:

Welcome to the club buddy. The car look awesome, those wheels really do suit it very well.

Thanks Andy.  


Couple of other parts on the way.  I’ve ordered a couple of new front drop links as there seems to be a slight knock on the front and I’ve also ordered a universal folding mirror module so they close when the alarm is activated.  

fitted a new 370Z badge on the rear from Tarmac sports as the one on the car was pretty @*!# to say the least. 

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Replaced the boot popper springs today. Nice easy job.  Got the new items from openTop. You can see by the pictures they are a little longer and the springs are stiffer than the worn OEM units.  It’s now quite a definite aggressive pop which I like 




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Posted (edited)

There’s a few things gone on recently.  After finding a weeping brake line I decided to change all of them for braided lines.  I flushed the system and filled it with 5.1 fluid.  Front discs and pads changed and also new caliper pins and clips. 
replaced both front drop links.  
fitted some Kanju bonnet and boot struts.  I must admit, I’m impressed with the rear as the assisting springs open the boot from pressing the button with out lifting it.  

the bonnet dampers were a little big of a pain.  Due to the pedestrian popper hinges I had to dress back the plug welds on the hinge to get the dampers to fit.  After that, it was a straight install and they work great.  

next came the mess in the engine bay.  The previous owner clearly never cleaned bothered cleaning it.  I ended up using G3 to take all the grime off.  Once that was done, I did a bit of a wire tuck on the ugly cabling that came across the strut towers.  It looks a world better now.  

Twken the strut brace off and a couple of other brackets to go into work for a fresh powder coat in white and I’ll reassemble it all.  I’ll post some pics in a bit 😁

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