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Oil Pressure Gauge

Kev T

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My yearly service and MOT was due last week at Abbey Motorsports so i got them to fit an AEM oil pressure gauge to the custom pod i had fabricated earlier last year. As usual great service from Charlie and the rest of the guys at Abbey.

As you can see from the first photo cold oil pressure is at 90/95psi and hot pressure around 35/38psi so no timing chain cover gasket problems so far !!





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Well it wasn't cheap, the fabricated pod was from a chap on the US forum called Galeforce.


The pod including shipping etc. was probably in the region of 400 quid and i got a good deal on the gauge of 150 pounds ( you could get a cheaper gauge but think AEW are quality ) then fitting was again about 400 pounds  ( although if you diy  it is not relevant )


So my total was around 950 pounds all in, but you could do it cheaper.


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13 hours ago, Kev T said:

Hi Dave, sorry i can't be of help as Abbey Motorsport did the gauge fitment during my annual service.

Ok, no worries. I'm sure I'll figure something out when I get round to doing it.


Goods great by the way!

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