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Been very quiet on here but thought you guys would like to see what we have been working on @ Abbey over the last year or so , car was originally Steve Burkes that we used to help develop and service , due to some issue outside our control the car wasnt used for circ 4 years , we came to a deal with Steve and the car became Abbey Motorsport's minus the excellent Quaife Sequential.


So we had a tidy up and fitted a built motor high compression around 13 to 1 , forged rods/pistons/  JWT cams A3505-REVC8 VQ35 Rev-Up C8 272 Deg/.473 cams , PPE Genuine Long tube headers , Motordyne shock wave exhaust with HFC added to keep the car race legal , Link Extreme ECU controlling the fuel/sparks, still running stock throttle body , plenum with plenum spacer and stock airbox and intake tube running on Super fuel


317 hub bhp so almost 360 flywheel BHP  80 bhp gain over a stock DE and 290+ flywheel torque , 3 lines are 60/80 and 100% throttle runs , should be fun.


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On 03/11/2021 at 11:16, harrison140 said:

Also shows that the stock air box works well


 We always knew the stock airbox works worked well , very little heat soak issues as well. Stock 

On 03/11/2021 at 15:18, davey_83 said:

Any lovely pictures? 

Its  the same car as run under team Lizard (Steve Burke) we posted a few years ago , car is now  a car is owned by Abbey Motorsport own.


23 hours ago, harrison140 said:

Mark how much difference do you think that the Link ECU rather than uprev made to the overall results?

Depends what your using the car for , this being a race car we use the datalogging , ability to have switchable traction control , the ability to turn the ABS with the traction switch maps, different DBW (drive by wire) throttle maps per gears and per traction set up , run the passengers side fuel pump control against G readings G4X has a built in G-sensor, Pit lane speed limiter activation to name a few things. Stock ECU maybe will give the same number but it on a race car we need something a little better.

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