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Chinese cast aluminium oil pan/sump


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Anyone tried this ?



150 quid at time of this post, it's bigger and over 2x cheaper than cast aluminium greddy...


I don't care about what label stuff has,  only concern is quality (it's not very critical part, +++ OEM is f*cking rusting  == no quality already) 

If someone is running this and did + 10k miles, i'll take it :) 

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I think

16 hours ago, nissanman312 said:

I have the greedy sump and that looks almost identical on the face of it 


And let's be honest the greedy one is probably knocked up in China like most these home branded parts supplied these days 

I think the Greddy Sump is made in Japan TBF, so probably better quality.

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Decided to take a risk... worst case, i'll get a new engine @ the price of Greddy pan ;) 

Anyways, so far so good.  Did a trip to SantaPod DWYB, sent it and went back. No leaks/cracks etc. :yahoo:


Quality seems very good, it's a heavy item (almost 3kg). Fitment is perfect, much bigger then stock, clears nicely in place.



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